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August 2009

UEFA demand clubs cut debts. KGB Fulham agree – and other rubbish

Here’s a stange story. Michel Platini says that he will pass legislation to ensure that from 2012/13 onwards every club in the Champs League have to have accounts in balance.

That presumably means that the club has positive assets – take the money they owe away from the assets they have and if it is […]

Hounding the Arsenal: the one thing no journalist will ever admit

On the blogs we should be fighting the media and their attempt to brainwash us all with their version of reality – but most blogs do the reverse.

There is something utterly sinister within our media. The issue raises the question of the news, and how it is created, and through it, what is […]

IOU game will give us all the strength we need to win league

A single defeat in the season is, of course neither here nor there. Last season I was at Arsenal 2 IOU 1, and it was one of the very best matches I have ever seen in a lifetime of watching football.

Today wasn’t remotely a match in that sort of class; we lost by the […]

Man IOU / Arsenal, score and report & SFA/UEFA corruption – new evidence

Last year was, according to the muddleheaded, the year of going backwards. We entered league match number 3 with and win and a defeat, plus a comfortable saunter into the Bent Cup (as I’m now forced to rename the Champs League).

Match three was Arsenal 3 Newcastle Zebras 0.

Line up was


Sagna, […]

The not so simple life of a referee

The not so simple life of a referee, by Walter Broeckx

How many times do we wonder how is it possible that the blind c*nt in the middle didn’t see that? I must confess that being in the stadium or behind my television I curse that blind man in the middle a lot. In […]

SFA could be banned for 2 matches; Arsenal United

During the 1990/1991 season a group of Manchester IOU (then known as plain Manchester Thugs) players ran around some Arsenal players and there was a bit of pushing and shoving. In typical idiotic, insane, pathetic, stupid, disgraceful, bizarre and incomprehensible style the League decided to take two points away from Arsenal, and thus scupper their […]

10-boy Arsenal sneak through on technicality

Arsenal’s youth team managed to squirm their way through to the Groupie Stage of the Euro Cup last night on the “Most Goals Scored” rule.

“It really is ludicrous,” said Letmedrivethe Koach talking on ITV, “no other competition in the world uses this method of deciding the winner. What has the issue of who scored […]

ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES: Arsenal/Celtic score + WHU/Millwall

Ah the joys of football. A year ago, after seeing off the club curiously known as Steve Umbrella and having won 2 and lost 1 in the EPL we were written off. A top four finish was not possible. The end was nigh. Mid-table beckoned. Aston “Hold Your Head” would overtake us.

And you know […]

Arsene Wenger: the best manager England never had.

Arsene Wenger: the best manager England never had

By Simon Bailey.

No work today, the wife was out getting last minute school uniforms, books, bags, and whatever else they need, so I decided to put on The Damned United, the story of Brian Clough’s six week tenure at Leeds United.

It’s not really a ‘Football’ […]

With Wenger we get trophies and records – while Liverpool & Newcastle slip down, down and further down

The general view among the more thoughtful fans of Arsenal (well, my mate Ian and the two guys I met down the pub) is that the Lord Wenger really has had a masterplan and has not deviated from it. And it is now being revealed in all its glory.

And in common with earlier Wengerian […]

Most of the Premier League are now insolvent or just one step from disaster

Equifax does reports on the financial health of EPL clubs – you may have seen they did a new one this month. What they do is take a look at the accounts, what the auditor says about dodgy dealings and dubious debts, contemplate their ability to repay debts, look at working capital, and also sees […]

ARSENAL RESERVES 16 PORTSMOUTH 4: Wenger cheats & its not fair

So how am I supposed to predict these scores correctly if the Lord Wenger doesn’t play fair? How was I supposed to know he was going to put the reserves out? How was I supposed to know that far from using my brilliant tactic of putting Wilshere on the bus at half price, Portsmouth didn’t […]

CHERISHING THE LONESOME: Portsmouth – the result before the match is played

ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES: Giving you the results before the ball leaves the centre spot.

When predicting the results with the stunning accuracy of the “All Tomorrow’s Parties” team it is important to understand the opposition, their psychology and their tactics.

Portsmouth have been pursued by Sheik Yerbooty for the past 8 years, but sadly in […]

Just a few of the incredibly stupid things people say about Arsenal and football

I was thinking of running a regular feature which featured people who said things like, “Arsenal are more likely to end up mid-table than challenge for the title this year”, and who then say, “Some have written Wenger’s team off, but their opening performances suggest…”

Trouble is, there are so many such articles that it […]

Arsenal beating Celtic was not a case of wealth beating poverty

According to Sam Wallace writing in the Independent,

“Celtic were the victims of a wealthier club, one that can afford better, slicker players as well as a manager any team in Europe would covet.”

Although the second part was true, the first part isn’t – and several regular contributors to this site (Matt and Jonny […]

Vermaelen: a lion from Flanders

By Walter Broeckx

Some people may have been surprised by the way Thomas Vermaelen has settled in so quickly after joining The Arsenal this summer.

Vermaelen was highly rated in Amsterdam as captain from Ajax but in the international football world wasn’t a big name. So there has been a lot of doubters amongst […]

Celtic 1 Arsenal 5: senational team, sensational prediction, sensational history

Welcome to the new world – the world in which Arsenal have recreated a team, devised a new free-flowing 4-3-3 system, and produced players of the highest quality who just a year ago were derided.

Welcome also to the new world in which Untold Arsenal is able to influence complete matches and give you the […]

Celtic/Arsenal: the score and match report before it happens

All tomorrow’s parties: the service that tells you the result before the game has kicked off.

You will be excused if you don’t know that Celtic are playing Arsenal tonight, as the BBC has ordered a virtual blackout of news on the game.

This follows the appalling embarrassment the Corporation faced after their “expert” Mark […]

Denilson: the statistics speak

Denilson: Another Wenger Special? By Aaditya Gupta

Since his display on Saturday the anti-Denilson brigade has been muted. But there is no doubt they will be back on the rampage if he has what they perceive to be a poor game.

Over the 2008/09 season, no player has been more controversial in terms of popular […]

How journalists cover their past criticism of Arsenal

Ever since the Unbeaten Season journalists have been knocking Arsenal. (In fact in the case of the Observer they were knocking Arsenal the day after we beat Leicester to complete the Unbeaten).

They have been saying how awful the club is, how it is going down the table, and will ultimately collapse and Wenger will […]

The only blog to predict the Everton Arsenal score accurately

If you are a regular reader you are going to get so bored with me on this, but let me have my day. This is, after all, my finest hour.

At 10am Saturday I predicted Everton 1 Arsenal 7 Click on the score to see the whole article.

No one else came anywhere near that. […]

Appalling, awful, terrible, evil, pointless, pathetic, dreadful

And of course by that I mean the coverage on ESPN. We had all the junk rubbish about Arsenal being weak, struggling to make the top four, slipping behind the others, having sold players, Wenger refusing to buy.

It was as if ESPN had watched Sky and instead of seeing it as a dire warning […]

All Tomorrow’s Parties: Everton/Arsenal report and result before the game is played

As you may know, Team Talk often take articles from here and publishes them later under other people’s names.

I was discussing this with TT yesterday and patiently explaining the software they need to install to stop this, when it suddenly occurred to me that if I reversed the polarity (as we used to […]

How the Sun conned the BBC with its Arsenal-are-too-short “analysis” and why we are going to win the league

So – does size really matter. According to the Sun. And sadly the BBC in a recent article repeated the same stuff, without crediting the Sun, and I fear without checking any of the facts. . Because Sun + facts = a contradiction & as I show below, there is a very good reason why […]

For the Everton game Arsenal have three players out but five or more in

Last season for our opening league game of the season against West Bromwich Wobbleyou we played…

Almunia Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy Walcott (Toure), Eboue, Denilson, Nasri Adebayor, Bendtner (Van Persie)

From that line up we have now lost Toure, Adebayor and Nasri (for the moment), Theo (just announced as I write this – bad […]