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July 2009

What did Wenger say about defenders, and the issue of bent football clubs

I am about to leave for a holiday for a couple of weeks – out of the rain of Northamptonshire to the sun of Italy.

During this time I am leaving the site open so that comments can be posted by those who have posted before. However anyone new posting, or anyone posting with […]

Most of these Arsenal players actually exist, and some will play

So, having yesterday managed to replace Mark Randall (who plays for Arsenal) with Mark Lambert (who I was at school with), I hesitate to mention anyone today.

But then, being hesitant and writing a blog don’t really go together. Thus having broken the story that Arsenal broke all records by playing a 62 year old […]

Ten things we learned at Barnet

1. Out of position. Around half the team in the first half were playing off the position you’d normally find them in. Djourou at right back, Silvestre at left, Arshavin up front… All part of the fun presumably – but I wonder exactly why.

2. Rosicky – captain, smiling, and certainly not pulling out of […]

Half the perfect front line will play. Oh joy; it’s starting again.

I can’t remember ever being this excited about the Barnet game.

This blog is, of course, dedicated to giving eternal support to Arsenal, and so every season is full of hope and expectation, but this one is something else. The last time I felt this good pre-season was after the unbeaten season.

I think the […]

My worst season: Appendix, Arsenal, Liverpool, Wright, ten without a win – 1965/6

The scene: I’m in my final year in the sixth form at a boys grammar school in Dorset, hoping to take the musical world by storm any time now. I get to maybe three or four Arsenal games a year with my dad – it holds us together as I do my sixties teenager rebellion […]

Arsenal’s worst season

Were the Last Four Years the Worst in Arsenal’s History? by “LRV”

Arsenal joined the old Football League Division 1 (the top flight in English football) in the 1919/20 season. Since then, Arsenal Fans have witnessed the good, not-so-good, poor, not-so-poor, Very good, not-so-bad, bad seasons.

In all of these, one thing remains a […]

Does Arsenal need more money?

At the moment I’m writing this Ade is an Arsenal player. But the time you read it he might not be.

Let’s assume for a mo that he goes. In another summer all the anti-Wenger people would be out shouting “Arsenal are a selling club”.

Except that Villa lost Barry, Manchester lost Ronaldo and […]

Meanwhile three divisions lower…

Just occasionally I take my eye off Arsenal, the EPL, internationals, and all that stuff and glance at matters elsewhere – partly because of my background (my parents moved from north London to Dorset when I was 11, and Dorset has always been a little lacking in division 1 clubs), and partly because I seem […]

I think it is just possible we are about to sign B….

Blaise Matuidi

Now I could be utterly wrong, completely round the twist, and half way up the flagpole, but I got word – a sort of whispering in my ear from the odd semi-contacts that I have – that St Etienne are willing to do a deal.

Matuidi is a defensive midfielder who […]

Arsenal fans vow to hunt Sun journalists to extinction

According to the Sun “Manuel Almunia has challenged Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy, by insisting: We can’t win anything with kids.” The story also appears in the Mirror.

No journalist or source is given, and at the moment I can’t find the usual suspect: the interview given in Spanish, and read by a Sun journo […]

Arsene Wenger discussed in phone tap conversation

Yesterday this was the only blog that linked phone tapping to football. Today the news confirms what I could only hint at yesterday: football is very much involved in the phone tapping story.

Sir Alex F-Word and Alan Zebra have now both been named as people whose phones were tapped by the News of the […]

The News of the World, Rosicky, phone tapping, football, the truth…

There is a story in the Mail, which was highlighted by a correspondent, that suggests Rosicky won’t play for Arsenal this year. It is the usual mishmash of gibberish and invented twaddle.

Meanwhile on the Metro there’s a piece that says ‘Speaking to Czech newspaper Sport, Rosicky said: “I think I will be back in […]

The malaise has left Arsenal and hit Milan

Arsenal was once the capital of whining, whinging, moaning, and general complaining of an “its a total disaster” type.

Supposed fans would moan about Wenger, his lack of signings, his tactics, the silence of the ground, the lack of passion on the pitch, not winning anything for 2,102,453 seconds, the slowness of Dixon, the misses […]

What Mr Usmanov can do with his money – an open letter to the Arsenal shareholder

Dear Mr Usmanov,

You will appreciate that there are many Arsenal supporters who are nervous at what they see as your desire to increase your shareholding in Arsenal.

There are also, as you will know, a number who are concerned about the stories that relate to your past.

And there are others who are […]

Cesc to leave, amazing inside story

There I was, pausing in my busy daily schedule of writing stuff, to take a quick Florida Salad Sandwich, when the news pops up. Arsenal will sell Cesc for £40 million.

And you know it must be true because it is in that central and vital source of all news about Arsenal, the people on […]

All the people you would really prefer not to sit next to at Arsenal

by Michael Fisher and Tony Attwood

There is this supporter. She is, well, different. She inhabited Highbury, and she is now in residence at the Ems. She is there at every game. She has her own seat and such is her presence that some people edge away. Others have signed a petition to have […]

Untold Arsenal in habitual How to thrash the clubs

Despite my regular protests Team Talk won’t do anything about people taking Untold Arsenal stories and sticking them on the TT site, with no acknowledgment. OK it is not that important, and you can say, “so what?” and “get over it”.

And I see your point, squire, but…

I am sure Team Talk won’t […]

2009/10: the new Arsenal heroes

Last season the excellent magazine Highbury High invited a range of supporters to participate in the prediction game, where the writers nominate the player who would make the breakthrough in the season to come.

The publishers very kindly included me in their list of guest writers and so I duly cheated and put in two […]

How to beat the clubs that park the team coach in front of goal

As we watch it we hate it. Well I do. And so does the guy who sits behind me. The goalkeeper wastes time from the first minute over every goalkick. He puts it on the left of the area, and then, for no apparent reason, picks it up and puts it down on the right.


Money laundering, Notts County, Portsmouth, Newcastle, etc

This is the strangest summer break I’ve known. It’s not the transfer or non-transfer stuff – it is this business of who owns the clubs.

This issue has been lurking around for weeks at Southampton, Portsmouth, Newcastle and little Notts County. But what brings it into focus today is that the Financial Action Task […]