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October 2009

If no one were injured: the Arsenal team

Just imagine – Arsenal without injuries.

It’s impossible I know because these days we live with injuries. The news that Theo lasted 45 minutes in an under 21 match before being taken off will hardly come as a surprise. He’ll probably have his name changed to Theo Out-Injured soon.

But still, with no football […]

Gazidis says Arsenal could join breakaway league.

It looks like the insanity and greed of those who run football (in terms of the leagues and associations) is starting to impact on the real centres of football: the clubs.

Of course the clubs are not all sweet darlings themselves – and we spend much of our time here debating the lunatic actions of […]

Who controls football? It’s not who we might think!

There is an article in the generally appalling Daily Mail on who owns football. They give a list of each EPL club and then look at the money that person has.

There are some rather amusing bits and pieces in there – as with what they say when they get to West Iceland United where […]

When a superkid in Flanders names Arsenal as his dream, you know we’re going in the right direction

By Walter Broeckx

This is a little story of the football in my home country. You have to wait a bit to see the link with Arsenal but I promise you, it will come.

Last year I was appointed as a ref for a game involving the youth team of a first division club in […]

What do you do when both your owner and your manager are bonkers?

We all know that Mr Hill-Wood is a sweet old duffer. I don’t mean it nastily, but you wouldn’t really want him handling your financial affairs – or come to that driving the Bentley with your kids in the back. He wouldn’t break the speed limit – its just I can imagine him turning round […]

Arsenal 24 Black Blackburn 7. Ecstasy.

It says something when Black Black Blackburn have more than twice as many shots on target (7) as Liverpool (3) on a sunday afternoon.

Arsenal were of course miles ahead on total number of shots – 24 – the other top clubs playing on sunday afternoon had under half that number and also committed more […]

Blackburn: the team that ate football

Black, blackest blackness, Blackburn Rovers, your worst nightmare, the antithesis of football.

Black Blackburn, the embodiment of all darkness and evil, the beelzebub of football, the yawning heights of the oblivion into which we fall at the end of time, when time itself winds down, to leave an eternity of rotational fouling and an infinity […]

Arsenal Blackburn: what will happen

by Phil Gregory

Blackburn come to the Emirates this weekend, with manager Sam Allardyce arguably the antithesis of everything our own boss stands for. Ever unpopular amongst Arsenal fans for his teams’ “anti-football” physical approach to the game, credit must be given to Allardyce for making small clubs punch above their weight for years on […]

Who stole football? More from the insanity files.

Last night, instead of doing a commentary on Uzbekistan Generals vs Dynamo Fulham in the Euro League Group Z, Radio 5 did a piece on betting in football.

There was some horror in it – beatings and death, Chinese triads etc, and I don’t wish to minimise this – but mixed up within the report […]

Arsenal: The Missing Link

by Greg Adams

When you start to read an article about football and missing links you might be excused for thinking that it’s going to be about Peter Beardsley, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney or perhaps even Martin Keown – footballers who could single-handedly prove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. That’s not quite what I had in […]