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October 2009

Arsenal/Totts: Exclusive pre-broadcast release of MOTD discussion

Big Ears: So Noddy, what did you make of it?

Noddy: Well the red half of north London will be crowing with delight but when you look at the game in detail you can see it is more likely a false dawn.

Big Ears: Or a red sunset.

Noddy: Or a red mist.

Big Ears: […]

Mad Harry: a little word prior to the match

15 October 2009

“‘If people are stupid enough to shout abuse when I go back [to Portsmouth] they need their heads looking at.”

16 October 2009

“I know some idiots will try to have a go.”

17 October 2009,

The Sun: “Harry Redknapp has let rip on the eve of his explosive […]

Arsenal/Totts: the pub bore speaks

Billy “The Dog” McGraw speaks exclusively to Untold Arsenal ahead of the vital match against the Tiny Totts.

I tell you something, we ain’t got a fucking chance, darling. The defence is so over the place we could let in six. Just make it a pint Vice-Chancellor.

Call themselves defenders, they spend half their time […]

The sheer terror of Tottenham

By Gf60

There are no games in the season that fill me with more terror than the Spuds. It’s 90 minutes of having a pulse rate way too high for an old fart, bitten fingernails, and nervous twitches…and that’s when we’re a few goals up.

Yes it has been 10 years almost to the week […]

That most disgraceful profession

The pundits’ pundit by Walter Broeckx

We know them all. The modern oracles. The know-alls. We know them as the ‘pundits.

What do these pundits actually do in football? They say how it should have been done. They see the mistakes. They see the flaws. Is there somewhere a goal? The pundits know “who did […]

Arsenal/Liverpool: the pub bore report

By Billy “the Dog” McGraw watching the TV in the Auld Triangle

God this was awful. Arsenal didn’t have a clue. Mine’s a pint of Carlsberg. When Liverpool attacked Arsenal had no idea how to clear the ball, and I’ll smash the face in of anyone who says anything else. It can’t get any worse.


Arsenal/Liverpool: team sheet and complete analysis

By Phil Gregory

Arsenal welcome Liverpool to the Emirates stadium for Wednesday’s Carling Cup tie.

The Reds, already six points off the pace in the Premier League despite a solid home win over champions Manchester United are expected to put out a below strength side for the tie with an eye on their match at […]

We are not failing, we are winning

By Luke Tao

Resulting from the latest seething in the blogs after the unfortunate draw against West Ham, I am requesting a chance to express some views on Arsenal which I have for awhile.

My view is that we did not fail against West Ham but rather that we have progressed as a club for […]

Rangers face financial meltdown

In terms of English clubs that are facing financial disasters we are used to discussing WHU, Liverpool Beachballs and Manchester U. To that list we can now add Portsmouth. Their new owner in September turned out not to be the billionaire Sheik Yermoney but a guy who borrowed £50 off a bookie’s runner and placed […]

WHU v Arsenal: teams and the complete preview

By Phil Gregory

Arsenal travel to Upton Park looking to heap more pressure on a beleaguered Gianfranco Zola. The West Ham boss has not seen his team win since August, and sitting three points adrift of safety, Hammers fans will be hoping for, but not expecting an upset.

Recent form:

West Ham are […]

Lansbury gets 2+1, WHAM supporters sanguine

Henri Lansbury – what a player in the making. If for no reason other than to see the midfielder play for Watford you tuned into Sky last night you would have seen him score a terrific goal. A pass, the perfect positioning for a return, heads for goal, a player on either side of him […]

Liverpool/Arsenal – who has the most injuries

Liverpool and Injuries by Jonny Neale

Benitez – “We have just too many problems, I cannot remember an injury situation like this.”,17033,8652_5641497,00.html By my reckoning – Liverpool are ‘potentially’ missing 6 players for the next game –

Gerrard, Torres, Johnson, Aquilani, Kelly, Kyrgiakos

Of those, two players wouldn’t normally make the first team anyway […]

That foul on Theo: the referee’s view

Untold Fouls, by Walter Broeckx

Since the tackle on Theo Walcott by Ridgewell in the Birmingham game there is some debate going on about what is allowed when a player tackles and what is not allowed.

I’m going to try to give an overview on how a ref should handle the different cases […]

Will Arsenal fall to a bid from Kronke?

It is a story that keeps coming around and around – at any minute Arsenal are going to fall into a Liverpool Beachball or Manchester IOU situation, with millions of pounds-worth of debt created by the purchaser.

Comments fly everywhere and I have to say that even though I have spent many years in business […]

Alkmaar v Arsenal: the complete preview

Alkmaar vs Arsenal preview by Phil Gregory

Arsenal travel away to Alkmaar on Tuesday, searching for a third consecutive win in group H. Alkmaar, managed by Dutchman Ronald Koeman, lie bottom of group H with a single point after the first two fixtures.

As a manager, the former Dutch international is a bit of an […]

AZ Alkmaar in financial crisis

By Walter Broeckx

On a number of occasions Tony has written about the financial situation of clubs in the EPL and lower leagues. And Tony’s point has been consistent throughout: that the way Arsenal is working is the best way to develop a club and to keep it in a good shape. It […]

Jumping, stamping, screaming, pushing, kicking, abusing, protesting. Yep: its the Birmingham City management team

Last time Birmingham “Evil Empire” were at the Ems we watched their manager direct players to go down, lie down, roll around… anything and everything to break up play.

It is a testimony to the magnitude of the Wengerian revolution that we can now saunter past the “Team coach in the goal” clubs like Blackburn […]

Arsenal vs Birmingham: the complete preview

By Phil Gregory

Today, Arsenal welcome Birmingham to the Emirates Stadium for a match that this Gunner had circled on the fixture list from the moment it came out. For many, this match is far, far more than just another chance for three points: it’s the memory of Eduardo’s leg break, Gallas’ meltdown and the […]

“Making the Arsenal”: read an extract, see the cover

Just in case you have missed my endless ramblings over the past nine months – I have written a book about Arsenal in 1910, called Making the Arsenal. Today the cover and an extract of the book has gone on line, and orders are now being accepted for delivery as soon as copies are printed.


Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world: Arsenal vs Birmingham Evil

I can’t tell you how brilliant the correspondents of this site are. The other night “LRV” summed up the forthcoming Arsenal/Evil Empire game from this saturday with a perfect quote from Yeats: “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” How good is that?

And would you know it, while we were discussing the appalling nature […]

Was Wright a better striker than Henry?

by “BGf60”

There’s very little positive that can be done during the international breaks but for gooner addicts it does allow an uninterrupted chance to revisit some of the old tapes/dvds.

Amazing how the heartache can return as well as the joy.

But amidst all this history/euphoria/sadness a disturbing thought came to mind. Was Ian […]

Its time to end time wasting in football

By Walter Broeckx

As it is the FIFA-hurt-your-players-week we could take a look at what a member said a few days ago.

We all know the tactics used by some teams where some teams will even resort to sending signals from the bench to players to stay on the ground, ask for treatment and then […]

This weekend Arsenal play the evil empire

This week Arsenal play yet another club whose ownership is unknown. It is the club of Martin Taylor.

It is an evil entity owned by Grandtop International Holdings, who are owned by…. Well what a surprise. We don’t know of course because they are all registered in the British Virgin Islands.

So what bunch of […]

Something rotten in the state of Arsenal

When the junk press run almost identical stories twice you know there is something odd going on.

We saw it last season when the story went around that Arshavin was so unhappy with his Arsenal contract that he was going to re-neogiate straight away – and that this would bankrupt the club. It was pathetic […]

Top ten stories from insanity weekend

Ten insane events from the weekend.

1: England blast ref and security (BBC)

England joined FIFA in 1905, and you’d think they would have got the hang of things by now. But in case this helps guys: everything FIFA does is a shambles, aimed to make a profit for those in power (well over £100m […]