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Next season’s amazing wizard as Arsenal win the quadruple

I know that this is what we should debate in the summer when bugger all happens but it just sprang to my mind as I contemplated in amazement the fact that we have more midfielders than we need for the game against those jolly chappies from the chippy eastern province.

Next season we will have […]

Liverpool Me and You. The club we all part own sinks deeper into the mire.


A few weeks ago I put up a list of all the EPL clubs with thoughts on their finances. Now I’m trying to do some updates club by club. Here’s more on Liverpool- and this time I want to try and put forward a different idea. One that says that the way a club […]

From Gunners in Arms, to Gooners in Arms


By Walter Broeckx

I recently read a book, written by Bernard Joy, a former Gunner in the 1930-1940’s called Forward Arsenal and in this book Bernard Joy is talking about the players in those days also being more than just Gunners. Players who are ready to set their personal ambitions aside for the benefit […]