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Clubs in debt: you ain’t seen nuffink yet

Trying to stay in touch with the financial morass that is the EPL, is tough. In this article I am trying to pull together some of the latest facts, figures, and then conclusions. I am hopeful that if there are factual errors these can be pointed out and I will produce an update a bit […]

What the rule book says about the Shawcross tackle

By Walter Broeckx

Much has been made of Shawcross being a nice man and therefore not to blame. And behind this has comes the argument that all the fuss is about nothing because what Shawcross did was a legitimate tackle.

So let us clear this up for once and for all. At least until the […]

Why Shawcross can’t say, “I didn’t mean it” and a review of his previous assaults.

A review of the issue of assault, and the previous convictions of Shawcross

By The Law

Back when I was a Law Student, we were taught an interesting rule in Criminal Law, called The Eggshell Skull Rule. This rule stated that if you struck someone on the head which resulted in a shattered skull and […]