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Stupidity week again and again and again

Untold Arsenal is published two or three times a day. There’s an list of recent articles on the right in date order, followed by a month by month drop down menu. At the end of the main piece there’s an abbreviated contents section (just in case we published something while you weren’t looking.)

Stupidity Week


Irrationality and football

Prelim note in case you don’t normally look at the end of the blogs. I am doing some re-arranging of the ending of the blogs, as we move fully into a three post a day mode. Please do take an occasional look at the foot of the article, and let me know any ideas for […]

English football’s omertà: a time for Clean Hands

English football’s omertà: a time for Clean Hands

By Brian Baker

I was listening to the radio in the car, driving back after family commitments, when I heard that Aaron Ramsey had been assaulted on a football field in Stoke.

I was emotionally thrown back to the day of Eduardo’s injury, ten minutes after which […]