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Man U colour protest fizzles out: there’s a lesson to be learned

Many of us have been outraged beyond endurance by the assault on Ramsey on 27th February. 24 hours later I am still frustrated an annoyed in a way that is not a normal part of my nature.

If I may speak for once for Walter (who is of course more than able to speak for […]

Stoke and Arsenal: the referee’s views

By Walter Broeckx

Some have asked my point of view on the game and I must say it is with much pain in my heart that I will try to analyse the game.

I will try to come to the Ramsey incident in the last part and hopefully by then I get my thoughts a […]

Evil nauseating scum plus utterly bent ref 1 Arsenal 3

It was as if Stoke City had studied the disgraceful tactics of Birmingham City and seen them as a blueprint rather than a dire warning.

And in one way they were right. After all, if you can cut out a player totally for a year or maybe more, and just risk a 3 match ban […]

Where the bleedin’ hell is the preview of the Stoke game?

Article history: because of the difficulties explained below, bits of this article were added as time went by. Last update 1108 GMT, 27 Feb

By Billy the Dog McGraw

Tony telephoned me in an absolute panic (you know how he gets worked up so easily) saying that Phil had sent in his Stoke City preview […]

Almunia: are we being honest?

By Walter Broeckx

There is a general feeling among Arsenal fans that Almunia is not good enough.

I am not going to say that Almunia is the best keeper in the world. Ask 100 people all over the world who is the best keeper in the world and you could end up with some 60 […]

The manager’s resigned, the league is ending. Where next for Arsenal?

At the end of this season, it finishes. It is all over. No more.

I speak of course of the FA Tesco Women’s Premier League of 12 clubs. The winner of the league will be the final winner, because that’s it. What happens between May 2010 and March 2011 I am not sure – there […]

Survey result: Biggest prat in football, plus exclusively made up Wayne Bridge statement

After months of deliberations, and hours of time on our server, I’ve come up with the answers to this week’s questionnaire… Who is the biggest prat (or idiot) in football.

I suggested seven people – and you had the option to write in more.

Here’s the result for the seven I selected

Ashley Cole 28.7% […]

Arsenal’s Silva Lining IS Arsene Wenger

Looking forward to Wellington Silva

By Jonathan Neale

It never pays to get too excited about tomorrows prospects too quickly. History tells us that for every Paul Scholes there is a Steve Sidwell and for every Cesc Fabregas an Arturo Lupoli. Part of Wenger’s genius has been his attempt to make the process of selecting […]

“Its democracy Sepp, but not as we know it.” FIFA update.

Sepp Blatter wants to keep going as the top man in football. He has stated he had many more things he still wants to do.

Football should be afraid – very afraid.

At this moment a lot of the stuff that we’ve debated over the past two years are now moving away from just being […]

Silverware or Silver Lining: more on the run to the end of the season

Silverware or Silver Lining.

By Simon Bailey.

There has been plenty of talk about United and Chelsea having to drop points in order for us to win the title this year.

It’s fairly obvious that one-dimensional United will drop some. Rooney looks knackered and with their fixture list, will inevitably fade. The press have made […]

EPL owes more money than rest of Euro football combined

18 English clubs owe 56% of the debt of the 732 European clubs licensed by UEFA

Manchester U and Liverpool liable to be excluded from Europe under new regulations

There is a secret UEFA report called “The European Club Footballing Landscape,” which reviews the finances of football. The latest available edition is that which […]

If you supported a top club in a small country, how could you dream of winning the Champions League again?

Rhys Jaggar and Tony Attwood

There are fans of a certain age who can remember Ajax being top dogs in Europe. In fact, that was really the first dominant European side I remember as a boy. Cruyff et al. I wasn’t quite old enough to remember the Lisbon Lions or Feyenoord, […]

Vote now for the biggest prat in football!

Yes indeedey, roll up roll up roll up.

The Survey will take you 15 seconds – all you have to do is vote for the Biggest Prat, Idiot or Nincompoop in Football. (Actually being an Untold Survey it was suggested by residents of Untold Towers that we should not give out the questions, but in […]

Arsenal win the league: Analysis of remaining fixtures.

A Start of a Golden Age!

By Hartwick89.

So with 11 games left the maximum points for the top three is 33. The table for the top three post Saturday’s fixtures is;

Chelsea 61points; Manchester United 57points; Arsenal 55 points.

And the remaining fixtures are as follows;

Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal

1.Everton A 1.Wolverhampton A […]

Supporting Arsenal from afar, and six new rumours

By Walter Broeckx

Sometimes if I say that I am an Arsenal fan it makes people raise their eyebrows. How on earth do you become a follower of a team like Arsenal when you live in another country. This is a question I also have often been asked by Englishman. Well to tell you the […]

Rotational fouling, and financial incompetence. Untold says it, the world listens (and other self-centred thoughts).

Saturday April 15th 2005. Arsenal played Blackburn in the semi-final of the FA Cup at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. I was there.

In a shockingly dire first half I noticed that Blackburn were using a tactic I had never seen before. Blackburn were taking it in turn to kick the Arsenal players. Many of […]

You don’t know what you’re doing: English football heads for disaster

You don’t know what you’re doing

By Phil Gregory.

If you haven’t already read Tony’s cracking piece on football finance that went up on Monday, I’d recommend it before you read any further.

As a humble second year economics student, I’d like to share with you some of the insights my studies have given me […]

Arsenal v Sunderland: Davy Lamp, Sir Hardly Anyone and a man with one leg

Text of Billy The Dog’s interview with Ino Nothing on BBC Radio 5 previewing the Big Match.


Sunderland is a small village to the north of Hatfield (actually one geography book has it north of Bradford but I don’t think that is possible). The village was invaded by the Vikings in 1227 (just […]

Magritte on the issue of Champ League play offs

By Walter Broeckx

Play off or not to play off.

With the current rumours, (and for once these are not rumours spread by the Untold Arsenal), around a play off for the 4th ticket that gives the right to enter the Champions League, it maybe is worth while to have a look at other countries […]

Financial stability or ambition… Which do fans want?

Financial stability or ambition? Which do fans want?

Rhys Jaggar

Easy to answer that: BOTH. Fans want to know that their club can win something, but they don’t want the club to go bust.

Thing is: for many clubs, it mightn’t be possible. Arsenal seemed to manage it, but now it seems that […]

The Porto free kick. The referee’s point of view.

By Walter Broeckx

Another Champions league game … and another controversial game by the ref.

I will not start over the not giving penalty for Arsenal for a blatant foul on Rosicky just before THE incident that over shadowed the game.

But I just did. Well we don’t get penalty’s this season from refs and […]

There are more Arsenal fans in Nigeria than in England. Plus what Sky said re Liverpool’s money


Mutiu O. Shokanmbi

Personal anecdote/introduction:

Let me start by stating that I suck at playing football. I was born and raised in Nigeria and in my country if you cannot dribble 2 or more players then you suck. Period! The more players you can dribble past the […]

F.A. Forget To Bolt The Stable Door, plus teams, and the incredible Untold Rumours.

The F.A. Forget To Bolt The Stable Door……Again.

Simon Bailey.

The fact that the Champions League is fast becoming the only prize worth having in club football has not escaped Michel Platini or UEFA. Staging this round over four weeks so as to maximise TV income is a clever move evidenced by the greater income […]

If the EPL is about to go bust, what can we as fans do to resurrect it?

If the EPL is about to go bust, what can we as fans do to resurrect it?

Rhys Jaggar

Sensationalism has been our diet on the back pages, on the internet and at fanzines for the past decade. Foreign ‘billionaires’ coming in, huge debts to pay off, great dreams of Kaka, Ronaldo or […]


Billy the Dog McGraw’s Postcard from Porto

First thing to notice out here is that the locals don’t speak English to each other – they speak Euro. This is a bit of a pain because it means you have to shout all the time to be understood. Seems a bit perverse to me, but there […]