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The case for video evidence – in some cases

Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal” – just so you can realise what it was like in the really bad times.


by Walter Broeckx

Introducing video evidence without delaying the game.

As you know I don’t spare my criticism when I see bad referee decisions. I always try to […]

How would The Invincibles have coped last season?

How would The Invincibles have coped? A Retro-Retrospective.

By Dale Higginbottom

After the recent poor results around the end of the season and reading the hatred of many so-called Arsenal fans I wanted to bring a little bit of perspective on things and think about how would The […]

Super Nick and Drogba: a comparison

Today’s sponsor: Arsenal Worldwide. The association for every Arsenal fan across the world

by Walter Broeckx

Some of us can still remember the CL game at home against Liverpool. When Cesc shot at goal the ball was kept out… by an Arsenal player, Nicklas Bendtner. Yes it was a painful moment […]