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Premier League Betting and Odds

Better the Devil you know, than the owner you don’t.

By Terence McGovern


When I first thought of writing this article. it occurred to me that dozens of others would be doing the same and I decided to leave them to it. Days and weeks passed and not one scrap appeared on the subject matter. At […]

Business as usual at Fifa’s headquarters as Tottenham bid for the world cup

by our special reporters in Switzerland and all over the world: R. Ubbish and E.M.P. Tyhead

May 18. The new FA chairman has accused the Belgium FA of helping Holland to bribe refs on the coming World cup to make sure Holland win it. Holland and Belgium are bidding together for […]

Chelsea FC are not debt free at all – it was all a huge con (or a mistake)

————— Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal” – just so you can realise what it was like in the really bad times. —————

By Tony Attwood

The BBC and a lot of other commentators and news sources said, “Chelsea Football Club has said it is now “virtually debt-free”.”

You’ll remember it well. […]