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Arsenal’s 2010/11 squad – the new rules, the transfers, the list

Welcome to the Untold Intrepretation

By Tony Attwood

As the transfer guessing game starts (according to my diary tomorrow’s July 1), here’s where we are starting from – the squad for the new season.

This season for the first time the “25” year rule applies. We’ve been through this in detail a number of times […]

The English Premier League: where is it all going wrong?

English Premier League financial review – a look at a few of the issues in the League as a whole

By Phil Gregory

First up, a couple of general notes. As most of the teams in the Premier League are privately owned, they are much slower at publishing their accounts […]

Theo and Jack: when they come knocking, just say “No!”

“They are evil, dreadful, disgusting, moronic, the lowest of the low.”

By Tony Attwood

England’s “golden generation” have now had their final, finest hour. As the great guru, Sir Trevor Brooking, the FA’s director of Brooking, said recently, “There is an immediate void in the standard of the team. World Cup 2014 will be difficult […]

For England and the FA, it is time to choose which way to go

By Walter Broeckx

In the last decades we have seen that the more technical ability and skill you have in your team the more chance you have of winning something. You also need other things but without these first two key points you are hardly going to win anything these days.

If we take the […]

The best thing to do is to kick these foreigners. That shows them who’s who.

By Adrian Raffill

On 23rd February 2008 Birmingham City’s Martin Taylor launched himself into a challenge that took Eduardo’s foot clean off the end of his leg. Arsene Wenger had barely finished his post match criticism of the thuggery that had just been broadcast live all over the world before the […]

Arsenal’s power in reserve football forces more teams out

One of the crazier sidelines of the failure of England to do very much in a world cup final has been the parade of has-beens (as opposed of course to people like me who have never been in the first place) saying that England needs to “clear the decks” and “wipe the slate clean” and […]

England – Germany, who is to blame for the not given goal?

by Walter Broeckx

I think most of the English media will be starting a crusade against Mauricio Espinosa.

Off course he is the one that had to make the decision but let me come to possible other responsibles later on. Just to clear things it was not a disallowed goal as it was called, it […]

Who exactly makes the rules in football? And why won’t they allow goal line tech.


By Tony Attwood

The rules of football are established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB). It calls itself the “guardian of the Laws of the Game”. What it says goes. There is only one IFAB, (just like there is only one monopolies’ commission) and everyone buys into it.

The […]

Man U: highly profitable, well run within its means, but…

By Phil Gregory

Manchester United: highly profitable business, well run within its means. But…

This is the third in a series of articles covering the economics of the premier league, based entirely around information found in their official accounts. There’s a link to all the articles in this series at the […]

The operating loss to end all operating losses. How Chelsea totally lost it

—————————- The finances of the Premier League by Phil Gregory

Part 2: Chelsea


This is part of a growing series of articles on the economics and finances of clubs in the Premier League. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend you read the financial review I did of Arsenal here as […]

How the banks are taking over football

By Tony Attwood

A director of Rangers FC in Glasgow, has revealed that he abandoned his plans for a takeover of the club because of the behaviour of… wait for it…their bankers, Lloyds

I appreciate that you (like me) may well have far less of a grasp on Scottish footballing affairs than on the EPL, […]

Arsenal and the money: what’s really going on?

By Phil Gregory

Here’s the first of a series of articles on the finances of the Premier League for Untold. There’s no hearsay going on in this series: all figures are straight from the accounts so you can trust the data I’m using is reliable (for most teams anyway!) and check […]

Do we have too many French players in our squad?

by Walter Broeckx

Someone said over here in the comment section that when the French team was one of the best in the world, we won things. And now that the French team is not at their best any more we don’t win things any more. So is there a link somewhere?

So let us […]

FICK FUFA; how disorganised crime runs world football

By Tony Attwood (not really an Emperor; he’s just a very naughty boy).

When journalists want to talk about crime, they often choose to talk of “organised crime”. I’ve never heard a discussion of “disorganised crime” but if it exists, I suppose we can say it’s what the gang that […]

Vuvuzelas to be welcomed at the Ems…

By Andre Kirby and Tony Attwood

Andre wrote to Untold thus…

I first came across Untold Arsenal in January and I have become a regular reader ever since. All the blogs are well written and well reserched, which I like. Because of this I am requesting that you write an Anti-Vuvuzela piece, as I have […]

Why Le Grub should follow the lead of the Earl of Sidcup

By Emperor Tony Attwood

It’s now coming up to three years since Untold started its message of peace, joy, economic sanity and devotion to the philosophy and methodology of Arsène Wenger.

During that same time one or two people living in that dark and evil backwater of London known as Grub Street have gathered occasionally […]

Del Bosque, Cesc, what is going on?

By Walter Broeckx

Vicente del Bosque is the name of the manager of the Spanish national team and he just maybe the most important player in the saga of where Cesc will be next season or even next seasons.

Del Bosque is what we could call a Real Madrid man. He […]

The injuries of 2009/10: just how do we compare with the other top teams?


Yes Arsenal had injuries… but so too did Chelsea and Man Utd

How many times did you hear the above strap line at the end of the last season? Well there are injuries and there are INJURIES! Lets take a little closer look at the injuries over the past year before we jump […]

Send all the French home

by Walter Broeckx

Despite the urgent plea from the President of the Medical Committee which we have mentioned in an article a few days before the start of the World cup the way most of the referees are doing their games is the opposite from this plea.

His plea was to […]

Laurent Koscielny: Arsenal. Francis Coquelin: Lorient

By Tony Attwood (on my birthday!)

Arsenal have provisionally struck a deal, subject to the usual personal terms, a medical and a cup of tea, with FC Lorient for centre back Laurent Koscielny, according to our pals at Young Guns. (OK I know I keep mentioning that site, but as a […]

10 Reasons why I love Arsène Wenger

By Tony Attwood

1. My father was an Arsenal fan in the 1930s and he saw the greatest team the country had ever produced. I grew up supporting Arsenal during one of their lean spells when year after year we not only won nothing, we never once looked like winning anything.

As a teenager I […]

Arsenal in a world cup for club teams?

by Walter Broeckx

I’m not a big fan of international football. Well, maybe that’s an understatement as I think it cost us the title this season with the injury from Robin Van Persie. When I was watching the world cup today I was wondering: if the world cup would be played […]

Does Vermaelen give you goose bumps? Here’s why

By Walter Broeckx.

Editor’s note: if you are squeemish, or a very deep and sincere believer in animals’ rights, this may not be the article for you. Especially at lunch time.

Ever since Vermaelen set foot on English soil some fans noticed that he had a very sharp look in his eyes. Eyes that can […]

Fans attack England HQ and reveal details of sex and money dilemma

by billy the dog mcgraw, our man without capitals

A crowd of about 25,000 angry football fans stormed the FA’s multi-million pound luxury residence in Cape Town last night in a spontaneous expression of frustration and drunkenness.

Once entry was gained to the complex doors were ripped off hinges and files were opened. The resulting […]

Wellington Silva (our new superstar signing) and the issue of balls

Untold Arsenal runs a list of up and coming young players who we expect to break through into the first team at some time in the next year or four. It’s called the Golden 30, although for reasons that will not become apparent at this time, it has only 28 players on it at present.