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November 2012

Cyberbullies, net skinheads, net-hooligans and other infestations

Cyberbullies, net skinheads, net-hooligans and other infestations

Don McMahon

While recently surfing various Arsenal websites and blogs, I came across an increasing number of posts, many from the same person, and many written or should I say scripted from the same monologue. These so-called supporters were uniformly anti-Wenger, anti-Arsenal and specifically persistently vulgar, offensive, mocking […]

This year / last year part two of our comparison. Man U, Man C, Tottenham, Arsenal


In this second part of the this year last year comparison, we will see the top 4 for last season as well as a look at the mini league table for top 8 teams only.

So Man City have improved by 3 points andconceded 4 goals less however they have scored 2 goals less […]

This year / last year – a comparison so far

This year last year

by Stuart Higgins

This year last year

We are now 14 games into the season and I thought it was about time for a follow up on the series of articles started earlier this season comparing the results from this season with those of the same fixture last season. I have […]

Disdain is the new football chic

By Tony Attwood

We have had racist and anti-Semitic chanting, the calling of Arsenal fans paedophiles, and the jeering of managers. Now it is all a bit more chic, a bit more refined, and negativity has turned more into disdain.

Mr Wenger was not booed or jeered this time when Francis Coquelin came on, and […]

Match Review: Phil Dowd – West Ham United Vs Arsenal (1 – 3) [06/10/2012]

Match Review: Phil Dowd – West Ham United Vs Arsenal (1 – 3) [06/10/2012]

If you are new to this site and this is your first visit then please: Read this to fully understand our reviews.

Today’s referee is Phil Dowd

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Phil Dowd (2012-10-06) Period 1 Min Type From On C/NC […]

Sam the slug, Arsene the innovative, tonight’s game


By Tony Attwood

Sam Allardyce has been known on Untold occasionally as Sam the Slug, and never has he been more slug like than in coming up with a condemnation of the anti-Semitic chanting by some West Ham fans at White Hart Lane.

His view, “If I didn’t hear it, I can’t condemn […]

False claims in football: cheating or a must?

By Walter Broeckx

Is football still a sport?

That is a question I asked myself this weekend. It was after I had finished my own game. And for a few reasons I now am working as an assistant referee, and well must say I enjoy doing it and according to the game assessors and my […]

It is not just about Wenger, it is about salaries and FFP

By Tony Attwood

According to our national press Arsène Wenger his “allowing a rift to develop between himself and Arsenal’s fans after a response to Saturday’s show of dissatisfaction that seemed to imply that their opinions did not really count for that much.”

It is typical media speak – a speak in which it […]

Wilshere and the balance between long and short term

By Walter Broeckx


So Arsenal dropped two points at Aston Villa last Saturday. And again the end of the universe is near. No I must admit I couldn’t see the game myself. As most know I am active as a ref myself and because of some bad luck my own game was starting when […]

Let’s sack all the managers (and close the grounds too)

By Tony Attwood

This article is a muddle. It is a muddle because I am muddled to the point of despair. We are in a time when it is seemingly normal to boo your own club’s manager, and to engage in anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic chants. Two different issues, but as I try (with […]

Something simple

By Tony Attwood

The Villa game was a game you could break your leg in, just by turning the wrong way. An opposition player, one of your own team, a hoarding at the side of the pitch – you could collide with any quite innocently in weather like this, and end a career.

It […]

Sit down or we’ll reduce your number of tickets. Us v the villains

By Billy the Dog McGraw

I have this week been running a campaign for Mr Adebayor to be transferred week by week from club to club so that he can play us every week. For some bizarre reason Sir Hardly Anyone, chair of the Premier League has not replied […]

Untold twutter week round up

By Remak Kwen

As always a new bitter sweet twutter update of all that matters in football

That is money of course.

Was it fun the last week? Well it sure was. Beating that former Middlesex team was fun. Qualifying for the CL was fun. Is everybody happy????? Yeah shout the Untold faithful. Moan, moan, […]

600 percent increase in Arsenal sponsorship deal

Tony Attwood

We have been talking about it for a long time – but now it has started. The first of the new commercial sponsorship deals is in, and it shows a 600 percent increase on the previous deal.

Of course there will be some supporters that will argue that the increase is not enough […]

Is coming second in the group stages better in the Champions League?

By Tony Attwood

We now more or less know who is going into the knock out rounds – and for the first time in a while, there is a case to be made for coming second, as I will try to show.


Porto and Paris Saint-Germain have both qualified but either could […]

The case of Mark Clattenburg: a missed opportunity

By Walter Broeckx

The FA has made their final verdict public on the allegations from Chelsea against referee Mark Clattenburg that he had used racist language against one of their players.

The FA has said that there is no proof that Clattenburg has said such a thing. As you all know I have been reviewing […]

Where are they now? All the managers who were in place when Mr Wenger joined Arsenal

Roberto De Matteo. Another one bites the dust.

Would you really want a Russian owning our club?

By Cameron Wolfe.


So once again Chelsea sack their Manager. The price of working for a fickle owner. Obviously winning the Champions League and the FA cup in the same season just wasn’t enough for the owner.


Qualified for the knock out stages, are you watching money teams?

By Walter Broeckx

So that is 13 in a row now. 13 times Arsenal has qualified in the CL for the knock out stages. You can correct me if you want but NO OTHER ENGLISH TEAM HAS DONE THIS! And I am pretty sure of this. In the last 13 seasons not all the teams […]

Arsenal in the Champs League, Henry to re-sign, Arsenal play staff games.

By Tony Attwood

It is nearly time to leave – well I have to go in 3 hours at 4pm, to meet Drew in Northampton (our rendezvous is right by the Northampton Town ground – one of only two grounds in the UK where there is a stand named after an Arsenal man. Did you […]

The Next hurdle. Champions league group B game.

Next hurdle. Champions league group B game.

Montpellier at Home.

By Cameron Wolfe

So we’re slowly but surely climbing the EPL table (up one more place to 6th). With some results above us going our way at the weekend. Especially after Manure being beat by Norwich.

Seem to remember we took lots of stick […]

Almost every failing manager to be replaced by Harry Redknapp and Rafael Benitez

By Billy the Dog McGraw

For the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal supporter, supporting QPR, or Chelsea, or Newcastle, or any one of a number of other teams, must seem like heaven. Little run of bad results and out goes the manager. No hanging around thinking who else might actually be willing to take the job. Just […]

Explaining the unpredictable results of Norwich, and others.

By Walter Broeckx


Football is a funny game. Or a funny sport. Come to think of it almost all sports are somewhat funny. The biggest fun in any sports however is the unpredictability. In fact lots of money is sometimes won or lost with this unpredictability.

Let us take Norwich as an example. Who […]

The North London Derby Twutter update

By Remak Kwen

A few bitter sweet thoughts presented and sponsored to you by Untold Twutter, the home of bitter sweet football news.

Today a special North London Derby one featuring:

The good: Cazorla, the bad: Adebye, the ugly: the totts

Everybody enjoyed the chicken meal last Saturday evening? Well I did. It tasted that […]

Bashing Tottenham. How the TV pundits see it in Canada.

Really enjoyed the Spuds bashing.

The only downside for me was the commentary.

By Cameron Wolfe

I live in North America. Edmonton in Canada to be precise. So no Sky Sports for me. I was watching Setanta up until last year (although it had already gone belly up in the UK) they actually still broadcast […]

Society of Black Lawyers clearly to blame for problems at Arsenal/Tottenham game


The books… Woolwich Arsenal: The club that changed football – Arsenal’s early years Making the Arsenal – how the modern Arsenal was born in 1910 “The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal”: crowd behaviour at the early matches The sites… For the parent who really wants to know what is really going on in schools Referee […]