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by Don McMahon

This weekend we play our final EPL game of this season at Norwich. Imho it is a meaningless game to us but to them could mean relegation or survival. While the AAA bitches, whiners and gloomers have bemoaned our horrible season from the first game to the last and persistently lamented our […]

FFP the first punishments : will it change things in football?

By Walter Broeckx

If we can believe the media the first consequences of the FFP rules and first punishments will be put upon a few of the oiler teams.

The punishments as they are being spread in the media are for Manchester City to pay a fine of £50M and a squad limitation in […]

What a difference a year makes or is it what a difference a manager makes?

By Walter Broeckx

I remember from last summer that on more than one occasion I was told that I was a complete fool. The reason was that I didn’t scream out loud that we should spend the f*cking money and trusted Wenger. And because I had the balls to say at that moment in time: […]