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The onslaught of the media-inspired denigration of Wenger’s 11th FA Cup and his supposed 4th place ¬®trophy¬® ambitions has prompted me to analyze the real differences between a professional football manager and the AAA couch-potato variety we often have the misfortune to see on UA. By the way a couch-potato, […]

Football 2013-14 – A Fantasy analysis – Part 1 Defence

Football 2013-14 – A Fantasy analysis – Part 1 Defence


by Andrew Crawshaw

There are many different ways of analysing the performance of players and teams within football. My daily paper – The Telegraph (Tony, I know sorry) – like many others does a fantasy football league where most players in the premiership are […]

An old friend coming back

By Walter Broeckx

In one of his recent articles Tony talked about the different subjects we have been touching in the past and about how some of them are still being looked at. As they probably will need coverage as long as football exists.

And a lot of people have asked me after the cup […]