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Dear Ludivine Kadri Sagna,

An open letter from a worried supporter, man, father,…

Dear Ludivine,

First of all I want to apologise for using your first name. As I know that you probably will not know me but for me you are a more familiar person. I follow you on twitter and so I have learned to know you […]

Getting it wrong, Untold predicting things years ahead of the rest

By Walter Broeckx

Talking about twists and turns, the PL surely is living up to that for the moment. Since the moment we lost our key players at the same time and our PL title challenge was halted the media has ran at full speed in admiration of some teams only to see them hit […]

Is there a new Bosman-ruling on its way?

By Walter Broeckx

We all know that the Bosman-ruling has changed football a lot. One could summarize it like this:

Prior to the Bosman ruling, professional clubs in some parts of Europe (but not, for example, in Spain and France) were able to prevent players from joining a club in another country even if their […]