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The season’s impression: Wojciech Szczesny

By Walter Broeckx

With the long hot (one can but hope) summer in front of us and with the long boring transfer rumour period upon us I thought this was the right moment to have a look back at the positions and players we have employed during the last season.

My take on their performances. […]

Football 2013-14 – A Fantasy Analysis – Part 2 Midfield

Football 2013-14 – A Fantasy Analysis – Part 2 Midfield

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the second part of this analysis – Part 1 Defence can be found here

There are many different ways of analysing the performance of players and teams within football. My daily paper – The Telegraph …





Gotcha: How a newspaper will change football news to suit the agenda

By Tony Attwood

This is the story of Untold, and the way one of our stories was picked up by the Daily Telegraph, and then changed.

On 26 May Untold ran its story Football, politics and religion: where’s the research? in which there appears the sub heading…

3. What is the explanation of one club […]