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Flying banners – is it helpful?

By Tony Attwood

Having already seen “Wrong One – Moyes Out” fly over Old Trafford just when David Moyes was booking his summer holiday ticket, and later “United 20 Gerrard 0” flitting over New Anfield at the end of the season, Manchester United fans seem to have found their way in taunting other teams […]

Untold Arsenal is back; I’m sorry we went.

I know it must be incredibly frustrating for you when Untold goes down. And I am sure you can imagine the horror and anxiety that attacks me each time it happens.

When I turned on my machine at work this morning and saw the number of attempted entries onto the site by hackers I feared […]

2013/14: The Season the Media Got Everything Wrong (as Always)

2013/14: The Season the Media Got Everything Wrong (as Always)

By Bootoomee


That’s right; my summary of the 2013/14 season is that it is the season that the media got it all wrong. There are very few things that I love more than the media being wrong, so I have enjoyed this […]