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Every Arsenal transfer story all on one page

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One player issues a “come and get me plea”, another says he has always admired Wenger, but still Wenger hesitates, and the players go elsewhere.

Sound familiar?

May 29th, 2014 | Category: Arsenal stories | 12 comments - (Comments are closed)

Five things for Pochettino to do before he is sacked in December 2015

By Tony Attwood

Judging by what has happened across the years since 1996, we can make a fair prediction about what will happen to Mr Pochettino – the new Tottenham manager. Primarily we can say that he will be sacked in December next year. Such a sacking would make him an average Tottenham manager. Anything […]

Business as usual: reporters lying about Arsenal

There have been some technical issues with this article, so I am publishing it again. Tony

By Walter Broeckx

A free society is a society in which one can speak out in a free way without having to fear to lose your head in all meanings.

In a free society you have a free press […]