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It’s all happened before; how the results of one season don’t help predict the results of the next.

By Tony Attwood

One of the many reasons why I was not part of the campaign to oust Arsene Wenger last season, was that what Arsenal went through last year was something that had happened before – to Herbert Chapman.

Arsenal had won the FA Cup in 1930, and the League in 1931, and were […]

The Euro’s: final stage for some Gunners? And how the Iceland team was selected.

By Walter Broeckx

As you will know Untold never has been a big fan of the tournaments organised by the crooks of Uefa and Fifa. As I completely dislike these organisations I don’t want to be involved in anything they organise. I will also not attend a party organised by the Napolitan Mafia, so why […]

Anti-Wenger racism rises over proposed new signing revealing the darkest side of anti-Arsenal Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

The Anti-Arsenal Arsenal grouping is in many regards a rather silly collection of people, some of whom are easily led astray, and some of whom hold some extremely repulsive views and only a tiny minority of whom see to be able to put forward coherent arguments with evidence for regime change […]

Wenger discusses move for £45m Lacazette by refusing to comment!?

By Tony Attwood

Here I was, all ready to discuss ten more things that I would like to see changed in football, when up on my screen comes the statement that

Wenger discusses rumoured Arsenal move for £45m Lacazette

Wow, I thought, being a little naive in such matters. Mr Wenger “discusses”. Well that should […]

Amazing. The Transfer Window wakes up with six brand new transfers involving Arsenal

By Sir Hardly Anyone

If you have been following this column week by week you’ll know that linked to it is the Arsenal Transfer Index. The last edition published on 24 June showed 68 players tipped to transfer to Arsenal this summer. Only one has made it.

That kind of nonsense is to be expected, […]

The “Miserable Arrogance” of England; the Telegraph says Arsène should manage England and we can select players by referenda.

By Tony Attwood

I am not sure what the aaa would make of it; I get the impression that some of them support England so they might not want their nemesis to become the nation’s manager. But that is what Telegraph readers think in a poll conducted in the […]

Is football really the game that ‘we’ invented?



By Tim Charlesworth

It is often said, particularly when the England team do badly, that that football was invented by the English. In the wake of our latest disaster, I decided to do a bit of research on the subject for the benefit of Untold readers. It turns out that the idea that […]

What do you get when you ignore Untold and pack a squad with Tottenham players?


Untold’s 2010 analysis of what makes countries successful at football gets another airing in the national press – but sadly it is far too late.


By Billy “the dog” McGraw

Untold doesn’t cover England matches normally – indeed I can’t think when the last time was that we did. But when an England […]

Why having an opinion should absolutely not be the life blood of football.

By Tony Attwood

One of the most fascinating aspects of being involved in the running of Untold Arsenal is seeing the way that some readers of the site like to tell the editorial team what to publish and what not to publish.

I can understand the need to control what we publish both in terms […]

Alexis once again the best! A review of Arsenal players and injuries in the summer games

By Walter Broeckx

Today we might have two Gunners in action at the European championship. One of them is Jack. That is if Jack Wilshere is selected to play and if not if he will come on later in the match. So not certain he will play and get injured.

The other is young Hector […]

Untold Arsenal offers a total, absolute and unreserved apology

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw

There is a fairly well known story in literary and political circles that states that soon after the publication of the George Orwell novel “1984” a British journalist was granted a visa to visit North Korea in order to write about it for his newspaper. The journalist had a […]

Arsenal Ladies v Sunderland – the match report

by Andrew Crawshaw

My prediction for the starting line-up of the team wasn’t right.

The actual line-up was

GK – Sari Van Veenendaal Right Back and Captain Alex Scott Centre Backs – Emma Mitchell and Farah Williams Left Back Casey Stoney Midfield – Vicky Losada, Natalia Pablos Sanchon and Marta Corredera Attack – Gemma Rose, […]

32% of the adult population vote to leave the EU, and this is what it does to our football.

By Tony Attwood

The FA’s view on how leaving the EU will affect football says that “there is widespread consensus that no current players will be deported as the Home Office very rarely imposes legislation retrospectively.” Sadly they give no evidence – perhaps because there is none.

But these are unique times and FA chairman […]

Leaving the EU will harm Arsenal and the Premier League so let’s do something

By Tony Attwood

“If we are victorious in one more battle … we shall be utterly ruined.”


I know that I won’t change anyone’s mind over the EU – the debate that we had before the referendum was (for me, and this is a personal point of view) just about the lowest level of […]

Ten approaches to newspaper football reporting that would change football for the good

By Tony Attwood

Newspapers are in competition with each other. And yet they collude over their general approach to football reporting.

It would be awfully nice if they didn’t and if as well as competing over headlines, they also competed in other ways. Here are a few suggestions…


1: Just one newspaper put […]

Six players tipped to join Arsenal this week, and one tipped not to.

By Tony Attwood

Each week we record the players who are tipped by the all knowing all seeing superbeings who write in our national newspapers, and their lesser relatives who run the bloggettas, to join Arsenal between 1 July and 30 August this year.

Seven new players have been found this week – although […]

Free Arsenal videos available

I have been asked to publish a note from a reader of Untold who has available a range of official AFC videos in good condition – they are available free of charge, but need to be collected from Barkingside (the IG6 postcode).

They are all in good condition.

Included in the list are

Arsenal – […]

Yes the season has already started over here and exclusive fixture announcement on Untold Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

This really is the most frustrating part of the season. No I’m not talking about the Brexit. Not even the transfer rumours that I don’t follow in fact so I haven’t got any clue about who we are after (supposedly) and who has snubbed us (supposedly) and who will snub us (supposedly) […]

The price of players has just gone up and the chances of signing them has just gone down.

By Tony Attwood

Overnight the value of the pound fell. And then fell some more. And then more. And then…

As most Untold readers recognised a long time ago I am not a clairvoyant so I don’t know what happens next, although I can look back to 11 September 2001 and 15 September 2008 when […]

The Vardy affair is a perfect example of how journalists misuse news in order to attack Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

The headline reads

Arsenal’s failure to sign Jamie Vardy highlights their naivety in the transfer market

It is written by Jeremy Wilson who is described as the paper’s deputy football correspondent. But the tale makes 10 wholly misleading statements. Here they are (to save you reading the original […]

Arsenal football resumes on Saturday – Arsenal Ladies v Sunderland Ladies

by Andrew Crawshaw

After an Interlul Ladies Womens Super League matches re-start this weekend with a home game at Meadow Park Borehamwood against Sunderland Ladies. Kick-off is 14:00 on Saturday 25 June.

Here is the current League Table

Pos Team P W D L +/- Pts 1 Man City 7 6 1 0 15 19 […]

Why 22 June is just about the most important day in the year in Arsenal’s history.

By Tony Attwood

Today is my birthday. Of course as one gets older birthdays get to mean less, and indeed one can readily wish that they didn’t have to happen quite so often.

And birthdays get a bit more spread out. I saw one of my daughters and her children last weekend, I’ll see another […]

The Junior Teams – Season End Review part 3 Midfielders

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the third (of four) parts where I am reviewing the 2015-16 season from the U18, U19 and U21 team perspective. Part 1 and Part 2 can be found by following the links. For reasons that will not become completely apparent at this point but have a lot to do with […]

Arsenal’s utterly extraordinary transfer story could take us all by surprise (if it turned out to be true).

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Now this is at last getting interesting for the media, desperately short of inane rumours to pedal have come up with not just one but two new ideas to fill up space.

First, if there is any player thought to have even a 1% chance of coming to Arsenal they proclaim […]

The Arsenal Junior Teams – Season End Review part 4 Attackers

By Andrew Crawshaw

This is the final part of my review of the 2015-16 season from the perspective of the U18, U19 and U21 teams. Part 1, and Part 2 can be found by following the given links.

Chris Willock – English. Normally used as either a winger or Attacking Midfielder had 26 starts in […]