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Who will be playing in the early pre-season games: a timescale for returns for the new season

By Tony Attwood

Times move on and we are approaching the moment when the first group of players return to Arsenal to pick up pre-season training.

Tomorrow, ex-Arsenal player, author of the book Arsenal Yankee, and Arsenal scout, Danny Karbassiyoon writes from first hand knowledge about the importance of pre-season training on Untold, but […]

Deal done, deal almost done, deal undone, deal redone, Deal that was done is now a town in Kent

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The rumour factories (I hate to call them rumour mills that is so 19th century) have suddenly sprung into life. Now as you may know I don’t normally do Sundays vis a vis the writing lark, but there being no other stories around except Germany won on penalties (and that […]