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Comparison of fouls across the years

By Tony Attwood

Back in the early days of the century, Arsenal were portrayed as the dirtiest team in the Premier League. Every time Arsenal got a card there was manufactured outrage by the media. Interestingly no one ever compared Arsenal’s card level with any other team, and so those who were anti-Arsenal and anti-Wenger […]

How Arsenal could buy the next Messi or the next Ronaldo

By Walter Broeckx

With the transfer window being open again we get the usual : “Arsenal must buy ….. (fill in)” to win the PL.

Let me spell it out once again: I am not against buying a player at all and I will welcome any player that we buy and support him. But in […]

It’s now 18 Arsenal players tipped to leave the club this summer; 76 to arrive in the great Transfer Fairy Story.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

With the Guardian and Telegraph now both running articles questioning Mourinho’s relationship with reality and most trying to pretend that Barcelona is not a club closely linked with law breaking at every level (child trafficking, tax evasion, false accounting…) we turn once again with relief to that island of insanity, the […]