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Grab your chance and prove your genius

By Walter Broeckx

Almost every day we get someone in the comment section who can point at all Wengers faults, errors and mistakes and then offer simple solutions.

That solution is mostly down to two words: buy X.

Buy X and the world will be fine. Some will go further and say buy X and […]

There are figures you can trust and figures you can’t. Some figures are numbers, some are people.

By Tony Attwood

The other day we had a note from a reader saying that we shouldn’t trust the web site Who Scored. Unfortunately in common with so many correspondents no supporting evidence was provided as to why this was the case.

Which is a shame because I would have liked to know. I haven’t […]

Third signing to be announced, and why you shouldn’t get too excited by the “deal close” headlines

By Sir Hardly Anyone (with another robot cock up in item 15).

Latest Arsenal Odds

With the transfer fenĂȘtre now 19 days old we are clearly moving into a new phase of transferationalisms, for with 80 players now tipped to be arriving at Arsenal and 19 leaving, we are by and large running out of […]