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How much did the Arsenal squad actually cost and did we get value for money?

By Tony Attwood

We have shown in the past season that only about a quarter of all expensive new players deliver in the first season with the new club. Around a quarter never deliver anything like the standard expected.

We have also shown that although having the top scoring players in the league in […]

Why calling a young player the “new Messi” or “new Ronaldo” is unfair, unjust and in many ways inhuman.

By Don McMahon

It is pointless to compare our youth and reserve players to known superstars like Messi and Ronaldo. These two men are the exception to the rule, the one-offs who will likely never be repeated again. for example; Alfredo DiStefano or Puskas were such exceptional players for their time, BUT they played in […]

L’Equipe suggests new signing imminent, Morata to Arsenal, Tottenham for England

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It’s a funny old business, this transfer lark. You remember Carlos Tevez and how with WHU in 2007 he conspired illegally to keep State Aid Utd in the Premier League at the expense of Sheffield Utd. Sheffield got £18m in compensation for the behaviour of State Aid (then known as West […]