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Once again the FA, Uefa and Fifa treats football with utter and total contempt. Only this time they all do it at once.

By Tony Attwood

Sam Allardyce has won the plodding meander to succeed Roy Hodgson – but only it seems after Arsene Wenger said “non” and reminded the FA that there are some people in the world who, unlike them, believe that contracts are there to be honoured. He said (once again) that he has […]

An interview with Arsenal supporting John-Bull-Brexit by Patrick Chigwell-Smith

SOCK IT TO ‘EM JBB! An interview with John-Bull-Brexit by Patrick Chigwell-Smith. So John, you support Arsenal? Yeah, through and through. What do you mean through and through? Well I’ve got Arsenal in me blood, the old man put me in the supporters club at nine months-unlike you Johnny-come-lately-types. I stand by the Arsenal […]

It had to happen: after 21 days we’ve almost run out of players to buy and sell

By Tony Attwood

Almost run out but not quite. For we have one new player who is joining us and one more leaving to give the grand total of

81 players due to arrive at Arsenal this summer 21 players due to leave Arsenal this summer 3 coaching changes this summer 4 players who look […]