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How Man City has weaved its around the anti-child-trafficking laws, and what Fifa are doing about it.

By Tony Attwood

As you may recall if you are a regular reader of Untold, we’ve taken a particular interest in the FC Barcelona case concerning child trafficking and we were one of very few places that kept on with the story. As we ran it the abuse poured in day by day (most of […]

The transfer debate: just a few of the transfers that were utter disasters

By Tony Attwood

While day by day Sir Hardly Anyone brings us the ever growing list of all the players who are about to join Arsenal (but never will), and all those who are about to leave (but likewise never will), so I’ve been gathering to great list of all these tales together in […]

One “Deal close” arriving, one “deal close” to leave, one midfielder to sign this week

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Thus we have the big headlines of the week. According to those in the know, or if you prefer those with nothing better to do but sit around and make it all up, we will have, in the next couple of days two in, one out.

It is, you must admit, […]