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From bookies to journalists, everyone wants to treat football fans just like Trump treats his electorate

by Tony Attwood

We live in a world where there is a great drive to simplify anything and everything. It happens everywhere from the President of the United States, who said today, “No politician in history has been treated more unfairly,” through to Untold Arsenal where, if we make a point about referee errors, we […]

How the PGMO could try to get around the use of video assistance for referees

By Tony Attwood

In recent months, Fifa has considerably accelerated the testing of the video-assistance to referees (known as VAR) procedures, which, as the chairman of Fifa (who is an awfully nice and upright fellow) has annouced, will be used during the World Cup 2018.

Now Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the Fifa Referees Committee, and […]

The curious case of the wrath of penalty Gods on Arsenal!

The curious case of the wrath of penalty Gods on Arsenal!

By Sam

If you watch the Premier League, or any league for that matter, you might have at times been baffled by the refereeing decisions. Of course, Referees are human beings and deserve sympathy for not getting decisions right all the time. There is […]