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Arsenal Transfer Index Edition 6. 39 players joining the club; 13 players leaving.








By Sir Hardly Anyone

There are only 74 days left before the transfer window falls back into place with everything all over and done, and the glass shattered on the floor, and so far we only have 39 players listed who are going to join Arsenal this summer. […]

How Fifa corruption is continuing, and how we can help bring it down.

By Tony Attwood

With Fifa having effectively having wound up its entire ethics committee, and all procedures for ensuring that the organisation is reformed and corruption removed, the remaining “ethics” cartel is left running the show. They are being paid salaries of between $300,000 and $450,000 for attending four meetings a year – and meanwhile […]

Oh what a lovely protest. Please can we have more, more, more. And thank goodness Moyes has been relegated.

By Tony Attwood

Oh I really did enjoy last night at the Emirates. Going towards the ground the crowds were clearly smaller than normal, which mean one could just sail by the pat-your-clothes-sir inspectors at the entrances to the concourse.

There were also none of those wretched banner holding marchers who deliberately stretch out across […]