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June 2017

Untold Arsenal Report on the End of Season supporters event 2017 and the commentary of Ivan Gazidis

By Blacksheep

Untold Arsenal Report on the End of Season supporters event 2017

Every year members of the variousf supporters groups get invited to an event at the Emirates in June. I have been along with Tony in the past but he was otherwise engaged this time, so Untold was represented by Andrew and myself. […]

Intentional misrepresentation, misunderstanding of statistics, or…?


By Sifarzone

The title of the article is setup for the reader to make their own interpretation of the facts presented below.

Recently, I have been miffed about the anti-Arsenal bias presented on ESPN, a worldwide, well-known and well respected network. However, such respectability seems not to have extended past their baseball, football (American) […]

Arsenal’s most extraordinary transfer news is quite honestly hard to believe.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Since we had our little technical break the news of Arsenal’s transfers has become even more extraordinary than it was before. Here, without any ado, agitation, fuss, difficulty, concern or delay, are the veritable details of the players recently touted as being most certainly and without fear of contradiction on their […]

Untold Arsenal returns. Thank you for waiting

By Tony Attwood

My sincere apologies to everyone for the long time that Untold has been out of action.

As you may know, we have had a history of cyber attacks on us, and have put in place a whole range of defences to stop it happening again. It is too early to say whether […]

How transfer rumours really work: the inside story from The Commentariat

By Tony Attwood

I too love the phrase, “The Commentariat”. Jeremy Corbyn uses it to speak of the scoundrels who write anti-Labour propaganda in the Express, Sun, Mail, Times and the like. But I think it could be used also for the people who write the continuous anti-Wengerian propaganda in the media. For both come […]

How the previous failings of Arsenal’s transfer policy are about to be overcome – and how!

By Rowley Birkin

I am sorry to say that Sir Hardly Anyone is incoherent this morning, due to an excess of research for Untold last night, so I’ve been asked to hold the fort, as ’twere.

So let me start with explaining that headline: the alleged “previous failings”. This week, there are three types […]

Good and bad news for Arsenal from the Fifa Confederations Cup as entire Russian team found guilty of drug offences

by Tony Attwood

The bad news is the Fifa Confederations Cup is still playing and two of our men are involved. With the final not until 2 July, the players will quite possibly not be back refreshed and ready to play for the Community Shield on 6 August.

We have Mustafi (Germany) and Alexis (Chile) […]

The Arsenal Youngsters 2017/18: complete review and the 8 marked out for the big time

by Andrew Crawshaw

Please note that where I haven’t mentioned a player’s nationality he will be English. There are also a number of other players who I haven’t included where they are already part of the first team squad or where I believe that their futures are likely to be away from the club either […]

The FA takes the first of 10 steps needed to sort itself out once and for all.

By Tony Attwood

On 22 June it was reported that the FA had decided to end all sponsorship deals with betting companies despite having previously signed a “long-term” deal with Ladbrokes in June 2016 to become its “official betting partner.”

Prior to that William Hill was the official partner of the discredited Association whose […]

The absolutely, 100% certain, unconditional transfer truth, I think.


Following my totally and completely bollocks article about who was a shoe-in for transfer to the Arsenal, I verified with those in the know and ,with great chagrin and humility, offer UA readers a slightly, ever so tiny revision to my earlier prognostications! Here they […]

Arsenal’s possible line up for August: and who is going to win the League

by Tony Attwood

Last summer we were silly enough to put forward a whole range of possible line ups in June – the time when, of course, the transfer portal is still a future dream and only the out of contract players are on the move.

In fact our very first try in June last […]

Arsenal’s new mega transfer deal: how it works and what’s involved. Details revealed

By Sir Hardly Anyone


Of course this is Friday afternoon, and one is not quite at one’s best after a jolly half hour or four at the Toppled Bollard, favoured watering hole of the journalistic elite at Wapping Swamp.

But I think I can stay with reality long enough to give you the run […]

Where exactly is football going? You’ll think I’ve made this up, but I promise I didn’t…

By Tony Attwood

Es geht immer noch absurder is the headline in which translates more or less as “It’s getting more and more absurd.”

And if you didn’t fancy the notion of Premier League under 23 squads competing against League One and League Two clubs in a league and cup competition as suggested a […]

Arsenal in player salary crisis as new PL regulations catch the club out.

By Tony Attwood

With a day of birthday celebrations with my daughters and their families now over, and my head still over expanded following yesterday morning’s homily, the old man makes a desperate attempt to get things back together. And yes I’m late this morning, but at my age…

But there is a new story […]

The Index of 64 players that Arsenal have so far been tipped to sign this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

While last season we kept publishing all the transfer index charts on one page (including those coming and those leaving) the Index is getting so big already (with still 8 days before the window creaks open) that we’re having to split them.

Mind you at this rate we should beat last […]

The absolutely definitive transfer forecast: Arsenal’s next signing will be one of this small group.


Over the last few weeks there has been a plethora, a veritable flood, nay a cataclysmic deluge of transfer speculations, myths, rumours, inventions, fantasies, prevarications and almost depraved dreams overflowing the fetid media sewers about Arsenal’s incoming and outgoing players.

I decided that I’d verify, using my well-honed and […]

Tony Attwood – an appreciation

By Walter and Blacksheep

First, Blacksheep

The 22 June 1947 was a Sunday.

It was hot. In fact June 1947 was one of the hottest on record, and the summer proved to be a scorcher. It followed a desperately cold winter however and the wettest March we have had in Britain.

Harry Truman […]

Second major change to Arsenal’s key staff announced

by Tony Attwood

A couple of days back we ran the story that Arsenal were to appoint an Aussie Rules guru as new director of high performance.

Now with the computer keys barely cooled after typing all the details of that story it seem there is another change at the club as we are […]

Celebrating our links with Arsenal Belgium: the annual report.



If you have been a regular reader of Untold you will know the strong link that exists between Untold Arsenal and Arsenal Belgium. Walter Broeckx from the region around Antwerp joined the Untold team of writers in our early days, and has gone on to establish the referee review programme that we have […]

Latest news on six players leaving Arsenal this season, making it 19 departures in all!

By Sir Hardly Anyone

According to the Great Transfer Index that Untold is once again running this season with the latest additions we have now got 19 players leaving the club. This is of course not as bad as last summer when the total got to 22 by the end of the transfer window. So […]

What do you do when your sponsor runs out of food? Revealed: the Barça Fantasy Factory

by Billy “the dog” McGraw

There is something rather odd, and indeed rather quaint, in the notion that Arsenal would sell one of their best players for £25m – a fraction of his value – and that the player would transfer […]

Tax fraud, perjury, court cases and uppity multi-millionaires. It’s just another day for Real Mad.

By Tony Attwood

They have been banned from signing players because of child trafficking. Their star player is under investigation for tax fraud, and so has said he’s never going to play in Spain again (as in “I didn’t know I had to abide by their laws, just because I played in their wretched country”), […]

Unbelievable transfer news coming from Arsenal. Surely this can’t be happening to our club!

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

It looks like we have had a bit of an effect what with our reporting that only 3 in every 100 transfer rumours actually happen for I see it is being quoted elsewhere!

Perhaps as a result of our reporting (or perhaps it is just a coincidence) there is a change […]

Who was our most successful passer of the ball, who got most yellow cards, played most minutes, and got most assists

By Tony Attwood

I know I should be thinking of some brilliant and insightful commentary about Arsenal to end the day, but I got distracted by Guernsey cows, and thinking of the times in my youth I spent on the island (see the commentary to the article Arsenal to appoint Aussie Rules guru as new […]

Arsenal to appoint Aussie Rules guru as new director of high performance

By Tony Attwood

One of the unsung benefits of Mr Wenger signing a two year deal, is that it gives the club plenty of time to set up some changes to the staffing ready for the manager who will take over after Mr Wenger departs.

This can be particularly beneficial for, as Manchester United, […]