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The FA Cup Final. The clubs’ records for April & May (remarkably similar!) and the Arsenal team

By Bulldog Drummond

We all know Chelsea are the all-conquering heroes of the Best League In The World (TM) so let’s just check their results for April and May…

01 Apr 2017 Chelsea v Crystal Palace L 1-2 Premier League 05 Apr 2017 Chelsea v Manchester City W 2-1 Premier League 08 Apr 2017 AFC […]

Living the Wembley dream

By Walter Broeckx

When I was some 8-9 years old my parents bought our first TV. An old black and white TV that took ages to warm up before you first could hear a voice coming out of it and then the image would load where you first would see the face in all kinds […]

Chelsea vs the absolute total and complete all-time underdogs

By Tony Attwood

It happens sometimes, but not that often, that the media and their bloggetta camp followers make out that the cup final is so obviously a one-sided affair that it is hardly worth even writing a preview of it.

Of course what they forget each time is that occasionally the underdogs come out […]