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Why did it take Wenger 29 games to change? Another made up story….

By Walter Broeckx

One of the people who commented for the first time (I think) said: “The question is why did it take Wenger 29 games to change tactics?” Conte changed the system after they had been beaten by us at the Emirates early in the season. Now I have seen these kind of words […]

Where do we draw the line?

By Menace

What difference does half an inch make? Some say size does not matter but when a ball bounces off the inside of a goal post & does not end up in the net it makes millions of pounds difference. The half an inch in size of goal post (cross […]

It appears Mr Wenger has a new two year contract. So what response should the anti-Wengerians make?

By Tony Attwood

If the reports are true and Mr Wenger has his two years contract then the issue does arise – what will the anti-Wengerians do, knowing that Mr Wenger will retire after two years and that their protests are unlikely to make him leave sooner. (After all, one of their complaints is always […]