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The Arsenal Transfer Index: the players we are signing and those we’re letting go

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Right, I think we’ve done the old FA Cup malarky, except to note in passing that it is good to see that as always 160 seats are reserved at Wembley for the honourable gentlemen and their ladies of the Shire of Rutland FA. Indeed I was of course able to take […]

Being in Wembley, part two. The once in a lifetime experience.

By Walter Broeckx

Well I was there in Wembley as you could have guessed if you have read my article about living the Wembley dream.

Yes the trip was smooth and we arrived at our hotel near Wembley well in time and just in time to take the last parking space at the hotel parking. […]

The Cup Final: what was it like to be there? Part One: pictures from the upper tier.

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following a convoluted series of events I was able to invite Walter to come over from Belgium to join me at the Cup final. Regular readers will know that Walter in the house is always a good luck charm (particularly when accompanied by a larger group of Belgian Gooners). I sent the […]