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When a club is accused or found guilty of criminal offences, does it matter?

By Tony Attwood

My question, as you might have guessed, relates to Barcelona particularly, although recent developments in the UK suggest that it might also relate to some English and Scottish clubs too.

But we know that Barcelona has been found guilty of child trafficking, and now we find that Neymar […]

The notion that every judgement can be made immediately, which dominates football, is the most dangerous judgement of all

By Tony Attwood

“Expensive flop Granit Xhaka the personification of Arsenal’s problems”

That is the headline on a blog today. Granit Xhaka is a flop. We know it. We don’t have to give evidence. That’s it.

What of course is never taken into account is the fact that the majority of players (around 75%) don’t […]