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The nine things we have learned this pre-season

1: We are in danger of becoming mainstream.

In today’s Telegraph there is an article, “The Premier League’s 3pm blackout is misguided, it is time to show all Saturday games live on TV”.

That was one of the key reforms to the game Blacksheep, Walter and I drew up one day before a match – […]

Shock horror: Alexis sneezes proving he will leave. Oh and he’s injured too.

by Tony Attwood

Think back if you will, to August 2011 when Samir Nasri left Arsenal to go to Manchester City. He announced that he was moving for two reasons. One was because he was utterly fed up with the constant harping and criticism against Arsenal in the media. And because, he said, “Arsenal have […]

Alexis deal with PSG, the latest. And the list of players leaving Arsenal grows

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Here’s the latest from the endless round of in, out, shake it all about, with some of the traditional made up stuff as well.

Players in

Lucas Moura da Silva

Arsenal are “leading the race” to sign Paris Saint-Germain attacker Lucas Moura according to UOL Esporte. He’s Brazilian and […]