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The 89 players now tipped to be joining Arsenal this summer. The Index vol 9.

By Tony Attwood

There is no doubt things have stalled. The number of new players and new rumours in the last week has been virtually nothing – all we have had is the rehashing of the same old same old. It is by and large a pretty poor show. We’re only on 89 and we […]

Arsenal’s Opener: The good, the bad and the unpredictable.

By Don McMahon

Once I had digested the entirety of the Arsenal Leicester game, I decided to write a review based on wearing two hats; a referee’s viewpoint and a certified coaches’ viewpoint, so here goes. I will describe or break down the key elements of the game as follows:

Team lineup, Fitness levels, Tactical […]

Dramatic Arsenal transfer news as all credibility flies out of the window and Jack needs more surgery

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is really important to stay in touch with the bloggettas these days so that we know exactly where we are. Football London for example today tells us that

The end of August is edging ever closer –

You can just imagine the panic in and around the training grounds of […]