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Journalists still working hard to ensure that football ignores the drugs cheat threat

By Tony Attwood

Oliver Holt in the Mail got rather exercised this week claiming,

“The seven minutes and 16 seconds encounter with Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman shows athletics has lost its drugs battle”

His sub editor then gave us some headlines…

A journalist asked Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman why […]

Arsenal losing players as Wenger induced chaos has the right result and Chelsea sell everyone.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Just as I think I can have a few days off on a Kroneke hunt across the wild plains of Lower Rutland and along comes the Daily Express telling us that all hell is going to break loose on the transfer front.

Consider this for example: “Chelsea are keen […]

Why are Arsenal so wasteful in front of goal, and really, does it matter?

By Tony Attwood

The theme is that Arsenal do everything wrong. We buy our players far too late in the transfer window because Wenger can’t make up his mind and so dithers. Except maybe Chelsea are dithering a bit more and Tottenham have dithered so much they haven’t bought anyone.

And here’s another: we are […]