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The Arsenal 25 man Senior Squad – where are we now?

Facts by Andrew Crawshaw

Wild speculation by Tony Attwood

First, Andrew’s section:

As I write this (lunchtime on Thursday) we currently have 34 players over the age of 21 who are vying for inclusion in our 25 man senior squad which has to be named on 1st September. All but four are currently listed as […]

Are Premier League teams really so bad in defence as the media suggest?

By Tony Attwood

“Why are so many Premier League teams so bad in defence?”

You’ll know, if you have read my meanderings across the years, that I rather like evidence. Not “The evidence of my own eyes” but actual numbers. So when someone rages in a bloggetta that “Xhaka is clearly not up to standard, […]

The key questions facing Premier League clubs this season, plus the transfers so far for the top 10 clubs.

By Tony Attwood

We’ve been trying to keep tabs on all the transfers that have gone through this summer involving the top ten clubs from last season buying players in. The latest table is below.

In terms of the number of new players coming in the table reads

Everton: 13 Manchester City 6: Chelsea: 5 […]