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Arsenal, Lemar, Di Maria, Mbappe, Draxler, Alexis. The tangled web is about to unfold. Are you ready?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

This really is a perfect message for people who argue that Wenger is an idiot, Arsenal are slow, and any and every other manager this side of Sirius B could complete the deals that Arsenal need.

Here we go.

Arsenal have agreed a deal with Monaco for Lemar for £92m


The tale of the sale of the ox, and how Arsenal played the market

By Tony Attwood

Apparently the Ox has signed for Liverpool, and that takes me back to a comment that several writers sent in yesterday following our regular update on the transfer rumours

Who cares about how many players the press thinks are leaving or joining arsenal. More importantly, have you actually got anything to say […]

Today’s theme of the day: Arsenal feeds fans lies! We have proof!! Shock Horror!!!

By Tony Attwood

When these little themes emerge they tend to flourish like wildfire. Here’s one from “Suburban Gooners”, a blogetta. Sorry about the odd punctuation, I’ve copied it exactly.

I support Arsenal: I have been lied to

Hello. How are you doing? Hopefully you are holding up ok? Given the […]