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This is what you get when a country owns a club

By Tony Attwood

So say Arsène Wenger, reaching the same conclusion as we did. When you let a country own a club, all chaos is bound to cut loose. Likewise when you let a country like Qatar hold the World Cup then all chaos is bound to cut loose. When that country then suffers a […]

Neymar’s transfer is blocked in Spain. But is FFP illegal? Here’s what the court says.

By Tony Attwood

Suddenly people are talking about FFP rules not being legal – all over again. Just after we’ve had two peaceful years of thinking that was all settled, Neymar comes along and some people get all excited thinking that FFP will be torn up by the European Court of Justice.

So first the […]

Arsenal make shock goalkeeper move; rumour mongers left looking extremely silly

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is surely the biggest indictment so far of the millions of pages of rumours spread across thousands of bloggettas and newspapers that virtually no one picked up in advance on the loan of Emiliano Martinez to Getafe CF, before it happened.

All those inside stories from people really in the […]