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Evaluating The Athletic: does the new magazine have a new vision of Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

It’s quite possible that England has never had a football magazine like The Athletic before. It is serious, it is adult, there is a lot of it, you have to pay for it, and it is online. So you read it on your “device”.

Also the articles are long – more like […]

How football is seen so differently beyond the concrete walls of PGMO

By Tony Attwood

I have often argued that although we all get the idea that football is handled differently in Europe from the way it is worked in England, there is a feeling put out by the alliance of the media, the League and PGMO that this is just because the funny foreigners don’t […]

All 16 players that Arsenal are being tipped to sign this month!

by Sir Hardly Anyone

If you are a regular reader you’ll know we regularly carry lists of all the players being tipped to come to Arsenal during each transfer window.

Normally the accuracy level of these newspaper and blog predictions is dreadful – about 3% – or to put it the other way around 97% […]

After 21 games this season: it’s not the defence that is the key problem.

By Tony Attwood

There is something of a feeling of elation after the win against Manchester United, as indeed there should be. For after five games without a win and indeed just one win in 16, a win against a traditional “top six” club was very welcome indeed. After all it stopped what seemed an […]

The transfer window – the 12 players who we are going to sign

Sir Hardly Anyone

And so it seems that with no one noticing much, the window is actually open. So who are we buying.

1: Firmino

Talksport are so excited they seem to think that he has actually signed. Or at least in their headline they ask “Has Firmino signed?’

In fact it is a typical […]

Why is the issue of the number of fouls that lead to a card, being kept secret?

by Tony Attwood

It started on 19 December when Nitram’s article on this site noted that “Three sources suggested in the post-match comments after the Man C game that Arsenal could learn a lot from how the opposition approached the game with their approach to fouling.”

“We might perhaps remember,” Nitram continued, Man C staff, […]

Are referees biased? Further strangely suggestive figures….

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from the articles two days ago relating to how many cards each team gets.

This table below shows the number of cards per game involving different clubs. The club with the most cards per game is Arsenal with 4.90 cards on average. The lowest is Manchester City with 2.40 […]

Arsenal v Man U injuries, the projected team and yellow cards per foul

By Bulldog Drummond

Looking at the last 10 games between Arsenal and Manchester United we find Arsenal have won three and Manchester United have won four. And indeed it is possible to see something rather positive here in that in the last three league games we have had two draws and a win.

Date Game […]

Arsenal v Man U: how the referees have been treating each club this season

By Bulldog Drummond

Man U’s away form puts them at number 8 in the away league with three wins, three draws, and four defeats.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Liverpool 9 8 1 0 20 5 15 25 2 Chelsea 10 7 0 3 24 18 6 21 3 […]