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December 2019

Refs and yellow cards: is each club treated the same? Definitely not.

Data and analyses from Andrew, and from Commentary from Tony

We have been discovering huge variations in the number of fouls per card given by referees and how these might be explained by the severity of the fouls, or the leniency or otherwise of the referee. But also there is another possibility here – […]

How can we know that strange “fouls per card” figures don’t come by chance?

This article follows from “If Premier League matches were fixed, how would we know?”

Data and analyses from Andrew, and from Commentary from Tony


In the last article we saw that huge variations exist in the number of fouls it takes in games to get a card. But of course such figures as […]

If Premier League matches are fixed, how would we know?

Data and analyses from Andrew, and from Commentary from Tony.

This is part one of a three part series on data that suggests match fixing might be happening in the Premier League, which is being published through the course of today.


I started by asking myself a simple question: if something dubious was […]

The Top 50 Clubs in the World League. But we don’t talk about it in England.

By Tony Attwood

A little while ago I reported on how much of Europe was discussing the admission by Uefa that it was unable to cope with match fixing and needed to engage outside help. The story was in many European papers but not in the UK. Indeed I wasn’t […]

How one journalist successfully twists reality to create his constant anti-Arsenal message

By Tony Attwood

Jonathan Liew is a journalist who I must admit, used to annoy me a lot when he worked for the Telegraph, for he appeared to have a brief of knocking Arsenal on a fairly regular basis. Then I think he worked on the Independent. Now he is back big time on the […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: structural faults extend beyond the South Bridge

By Tony Attwood

I don’t do many match reports these days; I’m at the games to watch and support my team, be with my mates and hopefully have a jolly time, and I’m certainly not making notes on how it goes. Indeed I often don’t remember the match accurately, as for me the emotion gets […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: the teams, the promise of goals and what happened in history

By Bulldog Drummond

In theory this should be a game of goals since we have two of the top three scorers in the Premier League on view.

Rank Player Club Goals 1. Jamie Vardy Leicester City 17 2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 12 3. Tammy Abraham Chelsea 11

Also we can be helped by the fact […]

Arsenal v Chelsea the recent games and injuries and our drop towards relegation

By Bulldog Drummond

The last ten games against Chelsea include a Cup Final, the Community Shield, two league cup games and the Europa League Final

Date Game Res Score Competition 04 Feb 2017 Chelsea v Arsenal L 3-1 Premier League 27 May 2017 Arsenal v Chelsea W 2-1 FA Cup 06 Aug 2017 Arsenal v […]

Arsenal v Chelsea: two teams with awful recent records.

By Bulldog Drummond

It is indeed a long old time since Arsenal were below being even a mid-table club in terms of home form but that is certainly what the table shows now as we lurk below Newcastle, Burnley, Palace, Wolverhampton, Sheffield Utd and even Aston Villa. Yep, two promoted teams are doing better at […]

Freedom of speech vs the need to support the team. AFTV in perspective

By Tony Attwood

I have recently run a couple of pieces expressing my dislike of AFTV (see for example here), and although many readers have agreed with my view, as is always to be expected some disagree.

Normally I’d leave things at that and carry on with Untold’s message of supporting the team and the […]

Racism: football is just packed solid with excuses, so why don’t we admit we do nothing?

By Tony Attwood

It is interesting that in following up the issue of racial abuse by some Tottenham supporters in the recent match against Chelsea there has been very little commentary in the media about the history of racial abuse and nothing much on the failure of the authorities to take any action. What […]

Yes we are getting under AFTV’s skin. Let’s keep it up

By Tony Attwood

This article is about AFTV. In contrast to AFTV, Untold Arsenal has its own occasional set of videos. If you would like to see how we do it, do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

This article has raised a number of questions about freedom of speech and as a result a […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: oh look all the newspaper tittle tattle was wrong

By Bulldog Drummond

If you have been reading all the bloggettas with their tattle and their tittle (that’s tittle tattle if you have only just woken up after a rather fulsome Christmas – but do try to keep up, there are likely to be 700 words or so in this piece) you will know that […]

Bournemouth v Arsenal: a guess at the teams.

By Bulldog Drummond

Trying to guess who Arsenal will put out for Arteta’s first game is virtually impossible – he may have seen something interesting among the youngsters, he may have an idea for surprising the opposition, he may want to say to the established crew, “show me what you can do”.

And as a […]

Bournemouth v Arsenal, and the strange case of the clubs with the least yellow cards

By Bulldog Drummond

So it is Mr Arteta’s first game as complete manager – his first pick of a team. And he comes to the game knowing that our away form is indeed modest, with the draw being the favoured result of the team…

Away games only

Team P W D L F A GD […]

A very sincere thank you to everyone who has supported Arsenal this year

by Tony Attwood

Happy Christmas, and thank you.

Supporting Arsenal is never easy because of the remorseless criticism that the club gets from the media. But of course being a positive supporter it is easier in the good times rather than the hard times. And this year we have had some hard times indeed.

Not […]

The future of Arsenal under the management of Arteta

By Tony Attwood

The media, self-evidently needs something to report, so if there is not much to report, it has to make up an issue. One of the recent issues that they have devised of late, to occupy the time when there is nothing else to write about is the cult of the manager.

Most […]

The signings we are going to make in January and the players being promoted

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Untold Video Updates:

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews


Oh yes. We have a new manager so now we have a list of all the players that we are going to buy. And here, right before […]

AFTV get out of our club. Where did it all go so right?

By Tony Attwood

So how did it all go so right? Arsenal Fans TV and its camp follower Piers Morgan have been making fun of Arsenal, its players and its loyal Arsenal supporters for years.

Outrageously proclaiming on its web site that “AFTV is the No.1 Fan Channel on YouTube” it was set up […]

Kicking Arteta before he’s even started

Untold Video Updates:

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

by Bulldog Drummond

Thus we have kicked out the most successful Arsenal manager of all time, in terms of trophies and in terms of win percentage, and replaced his with the second most successful manager […]

Everton v Arsenal: the media’s predictions on the teams & a historical misunderstanding

Untold Video Updates:

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews


by Bulldog Drummond

The 4th Official were one of the first sites out of the blocks with a team prediction. It goes…


Maitland-Niles Chambers Sokratis Saka

Guendouzi […]

Arteta is appointed and our “Rotational fouling” phrase becomes mainstream

By Tony Attwood (with a suddenly very enlarged head)

Just a quick note here.

First Arteta is appointed Arsenal manager and is saying all the right stuff. OK so we knew that, but it is now announced.

But that news pales into utter and total insignificance when noted alongsidethe fact that the Guardian has just […]

Everton v Arsenal: the six injuries and a misunderstood history,

Untold Video Updates: Currently showing “Just show the pictures and shut up”

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

by Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal have now got six players injured according to Physioroom. It is quite a jump up the charts, but Arsenal are by no […]

Everton v Arsenal: the battle of the fallen

Untold Video Updates: “Fans deserve more clarity”

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

by Bulldog Drummond

Everton v Arsenal is a tale of the fallen. The clubs that have slipped down the league and carelessly found themselves without managers. Their league positions tell it […]

It is not always easy to make life difficult for the owners, but we can at least try.

Untold Video Updates: Currently showing “Fans deserve more clarity”

We’re continuing to experiment with our video commentaries: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews


By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw, senior psychologist at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

Tony has reported both on the Untold Goonernews videos and […]