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Do journalists really know what football is like, but choose not to tell us?

By Tony Attwood

The Athletic has admitted it; a huge amount (quite possibly most) of football reporting is pure and simple rubbish.

In a recent article the online magazine says, “We often do not find out how much signings cost, we are never told how much people are paid and we rarely witness what actually […]

Forget transfers. It’s the player v club battles over wages that are dominating now.

by Tony Attwood

So the drive towards salvation has started as (ignored by the majority of blogs) European clubs try to cut salaries. What is clear however is that clubs really don’t have any idea how to do this and for every club that is trying to reach reasoned compromises with players over salaries, and […]

Why financially, Arsenal are well and truly up against it – but are not alone.

By Tony Attwood

So here is the argument: Matchday money has stopped. TV money has stopped. But salaries continue. And that is not good news for the clubs.

Just how bad the bad news is can be seen by this table. We’ve run it before, but now here are two extra columns as the situation […]