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How things are evolving in Europe: it’s doubtful the PL can do the same.

By Christophe Jost and Tony Attwood

Looking at what is happening in Germany there appears to be much more acceptance in Germany than there is in England of the reality that now football has stopped the financial consequences could be huge.

There seems to be far less of the talk in Germany about the […]

Arsenal on 22 March – what happened?

22 March is the day on which the clubs that went on to be founder members of the original football league came together for the first time, to discuss how things were going to be done. Arsenal of course were not part of it – it took Arsenal another five and a half years to […]

Premier League: The best bromances of the league

Premier League: The best bromances of the league

For centuries, football has always gathered millions of fans around the world regardless of race or religion. However, apart from this solidarity around football fans, it also happens that links are formed between players of the same team.

We tend to forget it but football is above […]