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Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta Says Top Players are Cracking Under Pressure


Arsenal’s head coach Miekel Arteta has warned that the club’s players are starting to crack under pressure of their demanding schedule. He also warned that standards will take a tumble if changes are not made or the squad is not increased to 26 or even 28 players.

“I think there are a lot of […]

Arsenal make preparations for football in a post-virus world

By Christophe Jost

Rumour has it that Arsenal FC has arranged for all its players to undergo intensive training on FIFA 2020 and other electronic games during the current virus-induced forced isolation period.

Now we know that many of the club’s players are already very adept at handling their virtual memes in the cloud. So […]

Financial crisis and end of contracts cause clubs to act

By Tony Attwood

A sense of wait and see has been replaced by a sense of “let’s do something” in football, as the realization sinks in that doing nothing will inevitably lead a number of clubs into financial administration or indeed total collapse. Partly it is the technical point that if a company goes into […]