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What happens next? In Germany its becoming clearer, but in the Premier League, less so.

By Tony Attwood and Christophe Jost

And so slowly, very slowly, the media starts to get it. If you stop football for a while, then there will be economic consequences of mega-proportions from which many clubs may well never recover.

The Daily Star (yes really) said, “the loss of TV rights money, matchday revenue, European […]

The ex-Arsenal man who keeps on moving on

Today’s story from the Arsenal anniversary files is of Mark Randall, and man who in his early days appeared to be destined for great things (and Mr Wenger appeared to agree with that) but who could never settle at Arsenal, and indeed appears to have had difficulty settling anywhere else.

And yet in his role […]

Players asked to take pay cuts as Arsenal projected to spend £100m on transfers

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes while Belarus keeps playing football, and many (although not it seems not all) of England’s journalists dream that it will all be ok soon and the mighty transfer window will swing open before it crashes shut, and the money will roll in like it has never […]