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How players started to take power away from the clubs, and keep it for themselves.

By Tony Attwood

Football’s club owners don’t do crises very well. And football journalists don’t do the reporting of crises very well either.

The history of crises in football is by and large a history of club owners digging their heels in and saying any change will result in the end of football as we […]

Which team has won the most FA Cup semi-finals?

The answer, as you might guess, as it is asked here, is Arsenal.

And the topic has arisen on the Arsenal History Society website since on this day in 1907 Arsenal lost in the FA Cup semi-final for the second year running. They did not make it back to the semi-final for 20 years.

At […]

The £158.87m Arsenal windfall: is it real, where does it come from?

By Tony Attwood

Windfalls in monetary terms are generally defined as an unexpected gain in income which could be due to winning a lottery, an unforeseen inheritance, or a tax refund that you didn’t expect.

But Football.London, the website that publishes around 40 Arsenal stories a day, some of which are, perhaps we might say, […]