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This unreported event shows just how fast football can implode

By Tony Attwood

So football, like all other industries, waits. Everything has changed.

The news from the BBC this lunchtime says we are likely to be in lockdown not for a few weeks or couple of months, but for a year. The problem being that if we do find an antidote to the virus, it […]

A Short History of Arsenal Football Club

A Short History of Arsenal Football Club

Just about any football fan would prefer to spend their days listening, watching, or reading about their favourite club. However, real-life sometimes gets in the way and that isn’t always possible.

Matches, and sometimes entire leagues, are cancelled or you might not be able to find the time […]

The eight Arsenal transfer stories currently being talked up – all gathered together.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Although the media started the enforced Winter Break by shouting about the players Arsenal were going to buy and should be selling, they have settled down a little, seemingly finding few new names since the initial outburst to pull out of imaginary hats – perhaps because this imaginary transfer window […]