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After the apologies, what next for naughty six? And how did they get it so wrong?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Full marks to the Guardian for acknowledging that “only Arsenal actually apologised for behaviour that, collectively, has been widely condemned as brazenly self-serving.” I think Liverpool came up with a statement a little later after that Guardian comment was written but not quite as fulsome an apology.

Winner in the shutting […]

Apologies from Arsenal, but not everyone is saying sorry.

By Tony Attwood

“How can we ever work with these people again? They’ve spent years telling us barefaced lies,” was just one comment in the last day or two. And yet nothing is new; we have had problems with untruths in football since the start of football.

As I have quoted a number of […]

Superleague. The key question the media utterly refused to ask, let alone answer

By Tony Attwood

Superleague is dead. Messrs Kronke, Abramovich, Levy, Mansour, Glazer, Henry have been shown to be total and utter prats of the first order. Their stock as businessmen will now have reached to somewhere around minus 50 on a scale of 1 to 5. So now we have a question: what will this […]