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Breakaway clubs face largest football PR and political disaster of all times

By Tony Attwood

The British Prime Minister and senior cabinet ministers are said to be investigating ways of introducing legislation to prevent English clubs entering the European Super League, according to senior cabinet sources. Meanwhile the backlash against the proposals have now reached such proportions that the credibility of those who instituted the plan is […]

Arsenal supporters issue solid rebuttal of club’s plan to join unwanted new league

AISA (The Arsenal Independent Supporters Association) has issued a statement on the proposed “European Super League” which Arsenal FC has suggested that it will be joining.

Untold Arsenal is pleased to reproduce this in full.


AISA strongly condemns the decision to create a European Super League and is dismayed and disgusted that […]

Who can stop the Midweek Combination, and how can they do it?

By Tony Attwood

There are in fact a number of ways in which the new Midweek Combination can be stopped, and although some of these will undoubtedly fail there is a chance one of them will stop the new League.

One of the points the media seem to have missed is that this new […]

After a season like this we became champions. Can we do it again?

By Tony Attwood

Leaving aside all the chatter about the super league, the question now is, how does this situation Arsenal find themselves in, compare with the past?

In the table below I’ve set out our position after 32 games first in three difficult years: 1930 under Chapman, 1976 under Mee and 1995 under Graham. […]