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“Fifa will not exist in ten years time.” Or maybe even less!

By Tony Attwood


Now when someone announces that “Fifa will not exist in 10 years’ time,” that person gets my attention. For if you have read Untold over the years you will know of the trials and tribulations of Fifa with Infantino fighting a long court case in Switzerland which also has seen the […]

Arsenal in mega crisis

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It might be a good idea to avoid reading the blogs and online newspapers this morning if you haven’t already started, as there isn’t too much good stuff around, as far as Arsenal is concerned.

The Evening Standard captures the mood of the day by telling us that “Injuries to both […]

How Arsenal might still make 6th, although we’ve left it a bit late.

By Tony Attwood

As we’ve been investigating during the interlull, the chances of us getting into the top six to get a place in Europe next year don’t look too good. However we have noted that because of the curious European rules lurking around it is possible that cup winners’ places might not be taken […]

Four Midfielders to fill the Fernandes Role at Arsenal


“Arsenal FC Warm Up” (CC BY 2.0) by Kieran Clarke

A number of Premier League clubs, including Arsenal, were linked with a move for Bruno Fernandes while the midfielder was still in Portugal. While the Gunners, and others, dithered, Manchester United finally made their move and we know what happened next.

The lack […]

Who is Arsenal’s best player, and who should definitely be sold? The stats?

By Tony Attwood

Ask any of the journalists and fake news peddlers who write about Arsenal while urging Arsenal to change everything, simultaneously ignoring the enormous progress that the club has been making since Boxing Day) and the chances are they will start writing about the players we MUST MUST MUST sell because they are […]

How one journalist decided to turn the truth about Arsenal upside down.

By Tony Attwood

Yesterday we published a piece Arsenal’s results are on track for top four finishes – from next season. In case you missed it, it shows the extraordinary difference between Arsenal’s results in the first half of the season played thus far, and the second half.

The dividing line is Christmas Day – […]

Arsenal’s results are on track for top four finishes – from next season.

By Tony Attwood

One of the things I enjoy about going to Arsenal is the chat with the guys who sit either side of me in the stadium. And I’ve really missed that, which is why this weekend I reached out to Steve who sits on my right and we had a 90 minute chat […]

Arsenal women make light of Tottenham and stay on course for Europe

By Tony Attwood

Tottenham Hotspur were beaten by Arsenal this afternoon 0-3 in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The game, which was shown on the FA Player on the internet, meant that although Arsenal stayed in fourth position. They now need to win their game in hand in order to overtake Manchester United and enter […]

This is Arsenal’s worst position for over a quarter of a century.

By Tony Attwood

The aim in this little piece is to compare how Arsenal are doing after 29 games this season compared with recent seasons. And as you can see from the headline, it turned out to be a rather negative analysis.

When it started it seemed like a really simple thing to do, […]

If the media lie, bully and falsely accuse in the news, how do you think they report football?

By Tony Attwood

A while back the Telegraph carried an article by Julie Burchill, in which she called the political commentator Ash Sarkar – a British-Bangladeshi journalist and left-wing political activist who teachers at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam – a paedophile-worshipping Islamist on social media.

And what, you are asking, does this have to […]

After all the talk of new arrivals, the lads at the Toppled Bollard give their verdict

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Newspaper men and blogging “outlet” scribblers mostly dwell in Docklands public houses, working in a putrid atmosphere of their own making. They have an insufficiency of light, a total lack of ventilation, a lot of chocolate cakes with cream which junior reporters are forced to down in one, and an aloofness […]

Arsenal’s serious financial woes and the media’s demand for more spending

By Tony Attwood

In the theory of cognitive dissonance, if we try and hold two contradictory beliefs or ideas at the same time we feel discomfort. So we attempt to reduce this dissonance by ignoring one of those ideas, even if it is obviously true.

Thus journalists and some bloggers overcome this […]

Qatar and the world cup, the protests grow

By Tony Attwood

More news on the Norwegian protest against the world cup in Qatar – a country in which slave labour has been used to build the stadia. If you are a regular reader of Untold you’ll know we’ve been campaigning on this for years – now it is really coming to […]

Odegaard speaks out against world cup in Qatar; a country built on slavery

By Tony Attwood

For me the news that Erling Braut Haaland and Martin Odegaard and some other players from Norway wore t-shirts with the slogan ‘Human rights, on and off the pitch’ was extraordinary, and incredibly welcome.

If you are a regular Untold reader you might know that I have been arguing for quite a […]

Journalists who can’t get their basic facts right should not tell clubs how to behave

By Tony Attwood

There is an article in the Guardian about the return of crowds to football grounds. The essence of it is that clubs can’t take the season ticket income for next season for granted, and that is fair enough.

But the article includes the line, “Typically reserved pensioners bawl from main stands, […]

The transfer process: the 8 point plan that turns fantasy into news

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Looking at the avalanche of transfer news each day it is easy to miss the fact that the reporters of Arsenal’s transfer tales work to a set pattern of activity, known in the trade as the “Eight Point Plan.”

This plan was invented both to help journalists and bloggers keep track […]

Revealed: The report on football the media are desperate you don’t see

by Tony Attwood

You may have come across the Football Observatory, not least because its reports are often quoted in the media as a source of independent, quality analysis of what is going on.

And quite reasonably too, because The Football Observatory is a research group within the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), an […]

How coming 8th and not winning the Europa means Euro football next year

By Tony Attwood

We are currently six points and three places below sixth position in the Premier League – and sixth, although not a trophy does mean entry to the Europa League. We might also win this year’s Europa League which would give access to the Europa League.

But there are two other ways […]

Women’s Super League gets huge financial boost

By Tony Attwood

We’ve not been able to cover this season of the women’s game in the way that we have done in the past, and indeed there have been times when we’ve wondered if the WSL wasn’t teetering on the brink as we’ve not been the only ones who have had trouble getting information.


WHAM 3 Arsenal 3. Errrrrr……

By Tony Attwood

I wouldn’t have guessed it but looking at the stats it seems that Arsenal had 62% of the possession and there were 10 goal attempts for each side. Arsenal had six on target to WHAM’s five.

But the most noticeable statistic I think is that West Ham fouled Arsenal 15 times, to […]

West Ham v Arsenal. All the things you don’t need to know

West Ham v Arsenal: Match facts and teams, and the top club in London this season WHAM v Arsenal: tackles, fouls and yellow cards, penalties and the last 25 games. WHAM v Arsenal. Recent events and the injuries ahead of the game

By Bulldog Drummond

This rather jolly picture shows the WHAM players celebrating […]

West Ham v Arsenal: Match facts and teams, and the top club in London this season

By Bulldog Drummond

The story so far:

WHAM v Arsenal: tackles, fouls and yellow cards, penalties and the last 25 games. WHAM v Arsenal. Recent events and the injuries ahead of the game


The BBC is predicting a 1-1 draw which would be somewhat disappointing given our record against WHAM across the years […]

WHAM v Arsenal: tackles, fouls and yellow cards, penalties and the last 25 games.

WHAM v Arsenal. Recent events and the injuries ahead of the game Why is the FA still in control? What the Europa draw means for Arsenal: a battle and racism perhaps Why Arsenal supporters should support Tottenham’s fans’ push for a new manager

Tackles, fouls yellow penalties

We are used to seeing it now, […]

WHAM v Arsenal. Recent events and the injuries ahead of the game

By Bulldog Drummond

At home West Ham are very much the team of the day, second in the league if we just consider home games.

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 2 West Ham United home 14 8 3 3 23 15 8 27 11 Arsenal away 14 6 2 6 […]

Why is the FA still in control?

By Tony Attwood

In 2016 Untold ran a piece that began, “In recent years the UK has been swamped with details of a huge number of child sexual exploitation cases.” We didn’t report all the details but mention Jimmy Saville, the Rotherham gangs, Gary Glitter, and Rolf Harris, before we moved on to the […]