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Media move on to regular insults against Arsenal to hide the real data

By Tony Attwood

As we have been noting the media absolutely will not touch the story concerning Arsenal’s dramatic tactical switch which reduced the level of tackling by the club last season and so reduced the yellow card level for the season by 45%.

To achieve this Arsenal were engaged in a major change in […]

How Arsenal used research into ref behaviour to rise up the league

By Tony Attwood

The last post here was Arsenal’s yellow cards dropped by 45% last season. How? Why? And how did it help?

That was the second statistical bombshell of last season – the first being that a club like Arsenal could slip down to 15th in the league by Christmas and be looking like […]

Arsenal’s yellow cards dropped by 45% last season. How? Why? And how did it help?

By Tony Attwood


In 2020/21 Arsenal reduced their yellow card tally for the season by almost half compared with the season before, cutting the number of cards received from 86 down to 47. It was an extraordinary achievement by Mr Arteta, and was an approach that clearly took a while for the players to […]

29 players are looking to sign for Arsenal and 18 are tipped to leave this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One of the prime reasons for the media wanting to tell us that Arsenal is in crisis, and that the fact that the last two thirds of the season was not a brilliant period for the club, is because it gives them plenty to write about.

We’ve noted here how some […]

Is development important or is the end of the season all that matters?

By Tony Attwood

In a recent commentary on the article The anti-Arsenal conspiracy. Here’s the evidence. Kingsmuf said…

“Surely it’s where Arsenal are at the end of the season that’s important. There’s no trophy for being good for two thirds of the season. One thing is certain, 8th isn’t good enough for Arsenal. Also, we’re […]

Arsenal’s amazing January transfer window turned the season around

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

The Express is unrepentant – for while certain other drainpipes have begun to ease off their wild and outrageous attacks on Mr Arteta, and one or two are even admitting that the last two thirds of the season were pretty amazing, publications with a lower reading age (and that’s just of […]

The anti-Arsenal conspiracy. Here’s the evidence.

By Tony Attwood

Untold Arsenal began publishing in January 2008 – over 13 years ago, and from the early days one of our themes was that the media had a particularly negative attitude toward Arsenal.

That negativity has continued, but really, there never has been the level of assault on Arsenal such as we are […]

Arsenal to replace Nicolas Pépé with older player who scored fewer!

By Sir Hardly Anyone.


This piece follows on from Talksport launches screamingly hilarious and inaccurate attack on Arsenal

Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez scored 14 goals each this season. Nicolas Pépé scored 15. So why would Arsenal want to ditch Pepe and buy Sterling and Mahrez?

Only the esteemed Matt Hughes and Sami […]

Talksport launches screamingly hilarious and inaccurate attack on Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Jackson Cole has written a piece on the TalkSport website which is one of the most screamingly funny inaccurate pieces of football “journalism” (I use the word lightly) ever seen in print. It is headlined

“No matter how you measure it, this seems like one of Arsenal’s worst seasons in living memory […]

The 19 players Arsenal are signing, and the 18 players who Arsenal are letting go

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The Daily Mirror is the Trump of football journalism.

The denial of Arsenal’s three part success in the last two thirds of last season is now well established. No mention is made of the incredible improvement in the club’s win record, no mention of the way Arsenal changed their style to […]

Why did Arsenal do better away from home than at home this past season?

By Tony Attwood

In this past season Arsenal won 42% of its home games and 53% of its away games. This was in total contrast to the figures of recent years.

Indeed going right back to the earliest days of the league, almost all clubs regularly did better at home than away.

In the table […]

It’s not the virus that is shaking football, it is the astronomic debts.

By Tony Attwood

These are, to say the least, strange times in football. ZZ has just resigned as Real Madrid manager, which is quite a turn up – true he didn’t win them the title this season, but he did last season, and his contract still has time to run. Something about finances maybe?


How much do Arsenal need to spend on transfers this year.

by Tony Attwood


Here’s a fun game to play.

Take a look at the Arsenal squad and nominate the players that you think might be the stars of next season – the players in the current squad who will really lift the club in 2021/2.

And if you are of a negative […]

14 players joining Arsenal, 17 players leaving the club. Arsenal’s transfer list

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As Untold has been showing over recent days, the Arsenal statistics have been sensational of late, leaving the rampant raging negativists with nothing to do except say you can prove anything with statistics.

But as we have seen, even they are getting desperate, with the Guardian reduced to quoting a blog […]

What happens to Arsenal if the media get their way?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I rather think Untold should publish “Turnip of the Day” and pick a journalist for the award each day, with total number of awards by newspaper and individual reporter each week. Maybe we can start tomorrow; I shall put this to the Untold board tonight, and hopefully tomorrow we can.

And […]

How the Daily Mail’s war against Arsenal treats fans as Neanderthals

By Tony Attwood

Here’s the view from the Daily Mail…

“It’s been such a miserable year again for Arsenal, you do genuinely wonder whether they’ll now be mired in mid-table mediocrity for years to come. There will be no European football at the Emirates Stadium next season for the first time in […]

How much money does a club have to spend to get to the top of the PL?

By Tony Attwood

The prime call of journalists, bloggers and many fans is for Arsenal to buy new players. It’s an interesting thought although one that lacks a certain amount of logic. For the claim is also that the players Arsenal have bought are not good enough. Why there is the hope that next time […]

How 8 Arsenal players swept to the top 20 table in Europe this month

By Tony Attwood

If you have been been reading Untold of late you perhaps will have noted the simple theme that is being expounded: That Arsenal has performed brilliantly since Christmas in turning itself around and rising up the league table.

Alongside that we have been highlighting the work of the enemies of the club: […]

Using a defunct blog to knock the Arsenal: the media sinks lower still

By Sir Hardly Anyone, Untold’s Head of Certain Things

The Guardian, ahead of the final match of the season published a fan’s eye view of the season past and the season to come. It is an article which shows one of the big problems that Arsenal face at this particular moment, and highlights one […]

The absolute proof that Arsenal has turned itself around. Now to avoid the danger.

By Tony Attwood

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, Arsenal had an absolutely fantastic last two-thirds of the season.

Look at a league table of that period and Arsenal were the third-best team – in fact, second-best if you account for the fact that Man U played one more game than us […]

Arsenal v Brighton: notes, thoughts, and everyone’s agreed on the team

By Bulldog Drummond

How to understate the bleedin’ obvious: “Arsenal have finished the season strongly.”

That comes from Who scored and it doesn’t quite bring across what has happened. We’ve won our last four games scoring nine conceding two. In ten of our last 23 games we have scored three or more goals. In our […]

Arsenal v Brighton, the injuries and Brighton’s dodgy finances

By Bulldog Drummond

It is interesting just how volatile the injury league table from has been this season. Here’s the league table before the final match of the campaign – the number at the end of each row is the number of men reported by Physioroom as being out this weekend.

Newcastle United: 11 […]

Arsenal v Brighton: tackles, fouls, yellows and the recent results.

By Bulldog Drummond

And so almost for the last time this season, the analysis of tackles, fouls and yellow cards.

Not quite the last time because after this final game we’ll go back and have a look at every club in the League and see how Arsenal managed to break out of the noose […]

Arsenal v Brighton (and how we can get into the Conference)

By Bulldog Drummond

Recently we have not only been looking at the league table to compare the two clubs involved in a game but also their comparative results over a key number of matches.

Of course our favourite starting point for such a table is Christmas Day, but let’s be fair and include all […]

The four dangers that could stop Arsenal’s rise back to the top: Part 4 – the rabble rousers

Arsenal face four huge dangers as they stand again on the edge of greatness The four dangers that could stop Arsenal’s rise next season. 2: The journalists The four dangers that could stop Arsenal’s rise: Part 3; returning to the tackle

Part 4; The Rabble Rousers. False beliefs and fake logic.

In a statement, […]